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How To Delete All Your iPhone Contacts The Easy Way

I am writing this from my personal experience. Due to the fact that I have used Android and BlackBerry in the past, I have sync basically all my contacts on my emails and when I got myself an iPhone 4S, I told myself that I am going to sync everything I have to iCloud. However, having multiple emails for both work and play lead to a very common issue: Duplicate contacts! It was really hard to clear one by and I finally managed to merge everything into one. To my dismay, another issue came up which is, how could I delete all my contacts on my iPhone now before I can sync with the almighty iCloud? After multiple testing and try-an-error, I managed to get them working as what I wished for and I am going to share with all of you.

Method 1
If you have save all your contacts in your emails, all you have to do is to use the import/export button to get them on board to another email and get all your contacts into one. With this, you can deleting the rest of the contacts just to make sure that you have the right one in place.

1. Import/export all details to one main email
2. Delete all the duplicate ones
3. Sync with iPhone

Method 2 (easiest way)
Do you want to clear all your iPhone contacts in just less than 5 minutes? Well you can do it without iTunes or iCloud help and this is definitely the fastest way around. Trust me and here's how:

1. Make sure you keep the backup in your computer just in case.
2. Turn on Airplane mode and even turn off Cellular Data.
3. Now head to Setting > Mails & Contacts > Select Mail Exchange
4. You can use these as your login and password (a fake account works as well):

Email: aaa.gmail.com
Login: aaa
Password: aaabbb

5. Now, it will ask you for the server address and you can type this:


6. The system will run and an error will pop up telling you it can't be done. Press Next or Accept to ignore.
7. Now, it will ask you to Save or Exit and select Save.
8. Finally, a pop up message will be asking you if you want to transfer/sync your contact from the Exchange account.
9. Select Yes and another pop up will ask you if you would want to delete all the contacts in your iPhone right now.
10. Another Yes and you have completed everything!
11. Of course, now you can your your data on again and delete off the Exchange account.

Now, enjoy!

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Top 15 iPhone Applications You Must Definitely Have

Well, what should I write this time around? Since I am so into iPhone lately, let me share with you the top 15 iPhone applications that you must have on your iDevice. Of course, I am going to mix and match between the paid and free version for your reference as well. I know you are dying to know which is the top 15 iPhone applications and so here goes!

Thank you Steve Jobs for the iPhone generation!
#15. Flash Light
At number 15, I would definitely suggest Flash Light (free version). I have this from day one of me having an iPhone and this app has never let me down before. Imagine you are in the a dark spot (e.g. outside your house door and the lights are off) and this application definitely comes in handy. If you have activator from Cydia for JailBroken iDevices, you can even turn Flash Light on simply by pressing the power button!

#14. Instragram
Instragram is 14th on my applications list as with this application, you will be able to share photos immediately from your iPhone. Even better, you can share and enjoy the priceless moments with your friends virtually! This is 101% a must for those who love photography.

#13. Draw Free
This game application is pretty addictive! You can compete with anyone or even with your friends. What makes it so fun is it will test your drawing skills and who knows; you might find your hidden talent here! Best of all, it comes with a free and paid version (ad-free version) for you to choose.

#12. SoundHound
I bought this on my Android and this is also one of the apps I got it immediately after I got my lovely iPhone 4S. Have you encounter a moment where you hear a great song and you wish you could find the lyrics and the details of the song? SoundHound basically captures the lyrics and it will search online to give you the exact detail of that song. Pretty cool huh?

#11. Tango
Another free application for iPhone users around the world. With Tango, you basically able to have a 'face-time' with anyone of your friends who has Tango installed on their smartphone. It is also said to be able to generate 3D video calls. Works great under WiFi and 3G as well.

#10. Skype
How can I describe Skype? Skype is one of the best instant messenger around which works great with both video call and messages. Do I really need to say more on this?

Always remember to get genuine iPhone apps via the App Store

#9. Infinity Blade 2
This is what I call 'game changer'. With a small fee, this game offers a great game play and even graphics. Very addictive and this will occupy you for quite sometime. The developers of this game have pretty good rating and even many positive comments worldwide.

#8. DropBox
File sharing for the win! There is no, (allow me to emphasize again) NO other applications that come closed to DropBox when it comes to file sharing online. A Must-Have on your iPhone...hands down. Yes, file sharing at your finger tips.

#7. Evernote
Another pioneer application in the smartphone industry. Have your memo, tasks and important details stored safely in Evernote and you can basically access the details anywhere on Earth with a laptop or smartphone. Definitely very important for those who have many information and tasks to do.

#6. Wunderlist
This is a pretty new face in terms of organizer application (imagine Evernote). In some way, I would say I use Evernote more than Wunderlist but what makes me vote this better than Evernote is because Wunderlist is easy to use. Yes, it is more user-friendly compared to the rest and I just love the background and everything which can be customized easily.

#5. BBC News
Hell yeah! For those who love to keep up with the world news, this is definitely a must-have app in your iPhone. I uses this application nearly everywhere and at an average, 5 times daily. Yes! I totally love this app. The best news application iPhone can offer for free.

#4. Twitter
Yes you are right. With the current generation now, how can we live without social networking? I love iPhone Twitter app but the only reason it is not ranking as well is because I uses this primarily for my blogging only.

Do you Facebook, Twitter or both?

#3. WhatsApp
Okay. This is the number one application I bought without even thinking or checking the price. Yes. Imagine messaging anyone around the world with the expense of a little data. Regardless saving cost or the speed of messaging, this is one app you must have regardless if you use it or not.

#2. Facebook
Facebook had changed the way we live our lives and how many of us check Facebook every few minutes once? I know many of us do and is no doubt this application is one of the top 3 any day of the week.

#1. Flipboard
Surprise surprise. Flipboard is one of the latest application that took the world by storm. Imagine news, social networking updates and everything you can think of is located together under one roof. All you have to do is...Yes! Flip the page! Extremely useful and I felt in love with it immediately within 5 minutes of using it. If you don't get this, it is your lost buddy!

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Review: Mophie Juice Pack Plus For iPhone 4 And 4S

Today I am going to give my review on the Mophie Juice Pack Plus for iPhone. As we all know, iPhone is loaded is a pretty small battery capacity and thus, I decided to get myself external battery casing for my dearest iPhone 4S. Hopefully I will be able to do a simple video by this week to further improve the quality of this review. Without any further delay, let's start the review!

Talk time             : Up to additional 8 hours on 3G
                           : Up to additional 16 hours on 2G

Internet use          : Up to additional 7 hours on 3G
                            : Up to additional 11 hours on WiFi

Audio Playback    : Up to additional 44 hours

Video Playback    : Up to additional 11 hours

Colours                : Black, white, light blue, pink, yellow, purple and orange

Package contains:
1 x Mophie Juice Pack Plus
1 x Micro USB cable
1 x user manual

Mophie Juice Pack Plus offers:
  • Protective case
  • Charge and sync
  • Stand-by switch
  • LED power indicator
  • Lightweight soft touch
  • Sync with iTunes via USB port without removing the case

Now, with the above, you should be pretty clear of what Mophie Juice Pack Plus is and what it can potentially do. After using for sometime, here is what I think about it plus some simple review on it as well!

Size matters
I know this is every one's concern. So do I! It is about 5.10 by 2.57 by 0.71 inches and 2.5 ounces. After conversion, it weights in at 129.54 by 65.28 by 18.03 mm and 70.87 grams. My first impression is that is one huge battery pack! However, my initial thinking faded away pretty fast after playing with the item in just below 5 minutes. 

If you are wondering what the size is roughly about, imagine it is the thickness of one and a half of an iPhone 4S. You will definitely feel the weight and the slight bulkiness of the battery case but considering that it is offering a mega boost of 2000 mah battery, trust me on this as it is THAT worth it! Amazingly with the slightly bigger size and weight, it doesn't felt 'weird' holding it. I am going to explain this below.

Touch and feel of Mophie Juice Pack Plus
The feeling of it is great. The finishing is perfect and with such weight, I was surprised that it felt very nice when holding. Of course, you will feel the slight weight change but, it is lighter than what I expected. I would definitely suggest you to buy the genuine Mophie products as there are many fake ones out there. Mophie Juice Pack Plus comes with a thick layer of protection around the whole phone. The company called it the 'Dual-Injection' which is literally installing a shock-resistant band to add an additional layer of protection.

The extra layer of protection can be easily felt whenever you are holding your battery case. Generally, it gives a very secure feeling of the case and you could easily feel the softness of the material.

LED battery notification
Mophie Juice Pack Plus is equipped with a push-button for battery notification. It is located at the bottom of the battery case and it has 4 LED notification lights. With a single push, the LEDs will indicate the level of the battery in the external battery case for 5 seconds. I would personally say this is very innovative and the position of the LEDs are at the right spot.

Buttons and cut out holes on the external battery case
Mophie really did a good job for this part. All the buttons are arranged nicely and so perfect that there is no distortion I could even try to experience when I am using the juice pack. For those who love taking photographs, Mophie Juice Pack Plus also comes with a huge 'cave' to make sure that images on the photos are not blocked. I have to point out that the camera hole is done perfectly as during the time you take a picture with a flash, it works like a charm. Double thumbs up on this.

Maintaining and installations
Installing Mophie to my iPhone 4S is pretty easy. You don't need to have a rocket science degree for this and even removal is straight forward as well. There is only a little flaw in this which is at times during removal of the juice pack from your iPhone, the bottom part will come out first before the top part. I wouldn't exactly say is a flaw but just weird as usually the smaller part (in this case, the top casing) will come out first instead of the bottom one.

Maintaining is also pretty easy as all you have to do is to take a dry cloth and wipe it say once a month or so. I do it every week and my personal opinion on Mophie Juice Pack Plus is though the size and the shape of it, amazingly, it doesn't attract ant dust at all. Been using many different casing in the past and nearly everyone attract dust at the side and corners but certainly not for Mophie. Another well done on this part.

How much battery are you getting?
With the Mophie Juice Pack Plus, you will be able to charge your iPhone 4 from 0 to 100% and there will still be an additional of 5 to 15% battery left in the pack. Of course, this means that for heavy users like me, I am able to withstand a rough 18-24 hours usage without needing to plug in my wall or travel charger. If you are thinking that 2000 mah battery should give you more than just 115% battery, think again. Battery will discharge slowly overtime and thus, you will not get the complete 2000 mah battery as what you initially thought.

Price list
Last but not least is the price. On the official Mophie website, it will cost you about USD $99.95 and of course, you will be able to get a whole lot cheaper on eBay but do wary on the imitation Mophie products. With that price tag of USD $99.95, it comes with a 1-year warranty for your mega boost backup 2000 mah battery. For me, after checking the finishing and the whole build of the Mophie Juice Pack Plus, it definitely worth your bucks and yes, this is one hell of an investment that will not disappoint you!

My verdict
Mophie Juice Pack Plus is certainly fit for those who is always on the move and having trouble to keep up with the iPhone stock battery. For me, I definitely love my Mophie and it works not only as a backup battery but also, a superb good battery case. If you are wondering where you could find the genuine Mophie Juice Pack Plus, here are a few links from our beloved and safe Amazon Online Store right at your finger tips.

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Honest Review: Should You Upgrade To Android 4.0 ICS?

Ice Cream Sandwich or better known as ICS is the latest released by Android to the technology world recently. In this article, I am going to explain to you what ICS is all about, a little features in this and of course, my honest review on ICS.

What ICS is all about and what so great about it?

What I can say about ICS is it is 'some sort' of a full revamp of Android especially on the user interface (UI) and of course, visibility of the Android operating system. ICS promised to deliver many new features such as:
  1. Refined, evolved new UI
  2. Home screen folders and favourites tray
  3. Resizeable widgets
  4. New lock screen actions
  5. Quick response for incoming calls
  6. Swipe to dismiss notifications, tasks and browser tabs
  7. Improved text input and spell-checking
  8. Powerful voice engine
  9. Control over network data
  10. Designed for accessibility
  11. Unified calendarr, visual voicemail
  12. Rich and versatile camera capabilities
  13. Redesigned Photo Gallery with photo editor
  14. Live effects from transforming video
  15. Sharing screenshots
  16. Cloud-connected experience
  17. Powerful web browsing
  18. Improved email
  19. Face unlocking features
  20. NFC features
  21. Wifi Direct and Bluetooth HDP
If you can see above, Android 4.0 definitely releases many new features and not to forget, some important updates on current applications. So how does Android 4.0 ICS flairs in this matter? Have a look below for more!

Honest review on Android 4.0

My first review will definitely be ICS build is 101% overrated. Well, I am sorry but yes, if you are expecting a big 'boom', then you are going to be disappointed pretty bad. The new looks of ICS is welcomed and I would say it is well time (looking over my shoulder on Apple iOS 5.1) for Android fans out there.

However, though the many new features on Android Ice Cream Sandwich, the build is just not enough to beat the rest of the apps out there in the market. For example, many of us will not use Android's stock email but instead, choosing the famous (and not to mention free), K9-mail.

I was lucky to own a Samsung Galaxy S2 and thus, was able to try out the new ICS Rom. I would say it has many bugs unfixed and some new features are not up to my standards. Of course, we all love new features but some are not well done. For example, I feel the face unlocking feature is very cool indeed but to get the app running and able to capture the facial look is tough. For example, I tested the part where I asked a number of my friends to try the face unlocking feature and amazingly, some are having a hard time to get it working. Could it be the reason they do not have the usual 'pretty round face'?

Another part is the transition from Ginger Bread to Ice Cream Sandwich is not that smooth. I consider myself having a good amount of technology-savvy but I still having some issues trying to get ICS to work as what I wished for. Assuming for a moderate tech savvy person, it will definitely be tougher for them. Again, this is one part that I am not sure what Android can do to make this easier.

Last but not least, battery life issue. When ICS was announced, many assumed and hoped deep inside their heart that Android 4.0 will improves the battery life. Well, it didn't and yes, Android is back to the old 'battery issues' again. Not much of improvement I would say with the current ICS build.

My verdict

I didn't like the new Android 4.0 ICS and I actually reverted back to Ginger Bread for the time being. I might just opt for a stable custom ICS Rom later on but right now, I am pretty happy with Ginger Bread. Don't get me wrong as ICS is worth the upgrade if you love trying out in new features and build. However, do not put in high expectation on Android 4.0 ICS as I would label this new build as moderate and seriously overrated.

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Is It Normal For iPhone And Android To Feel Warm?

I see so many people asking the same questions over and over. The latest was for both iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S2. So, here I am going to talk a little (generally) on why smartphones feels warm or hot and if that is normal for a day to day scenario.

Reasons why smartphones feels warmer than usual:

1. Heavy usage
One of the biggest and most common issue is heavy usage. I know many of us are so addicted to our smartphones that we had transformed them into something we called 'a neccesity' instead of needs. Heavy usage burns battery fast and at the same time, increase the usage of the processors and thus, generates more heat than usual.

2. Using 3G or WiFi
Turning on Automatic detection for cell service or simply turning on 3G will also increases the heat creation. When 3G are set to be turned on, the phone will be on constant 'searching' mode for 3G reception and deciding between an Edge or 3G connection is best fit for the area. As for WiFi, automatic detection will cause the same issue as what said for automatic 3G/Edge toggle.

3. Bluetooth usage
using Bluetooh is no difference than number 2. If you are not using Bluetooth, turn it off and you will even kill two birds with one stone for both battery saving and heat creation!

4. GPS is turned on
If the smartphones get warmer when you are using the GPS application, that is normal. There is nothing be worried of as the device is constantly on data connectivity to ensure you are on the right and exact spot for the best navigation.

5. Using illegal applications
Using illegal and unauthorized applications on your smart devices will also create a high chance of the device getting warmer than usual. I would advise a strict 'Do Not Use' illegal or unauthorized applications on your smartphones unless you know what you are doing.

6. Modifying the smartphones
For modifiers, jailbreaking iPhone or using custom Roms and kernels on Android will also lead to a higher chance of the device getting warmer than usual. At most cases, this is very normal as each OS runs differently. Again, unless you know what you are doing, it is best sticking to stock version.

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Complete Guide To Setup iMessage On iPhone

We all know that Apple Inc. has released the iMessage application which works just like BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and WhatsApp. Even though iMessage is pretty easy to configure, I still see people who are not able to get it working correctly. Therefore, here's the guide for the easy implementation of your iMessage on your iPhone.

1. Data plan 
2. Working iPhone (duh!)
3. An Apple account

How to check if iMessage has been activated on your device

*by default, this service is activated immediately after you activate your phone
  1. Open Settings and followed by Messages.
  2. Search for the tab iMessage (should be the top most).
  3. If it is On, then iMessage has been activated.
How to activate iMessage on your iPhone?
  1. Open Settings tab
  2. Select Messages in the sidebar on the left
  3. Toggle for iMessage to be turned On
  4. Toggle Send Read Receipt to On if you would like to receive notification that the message has been read
  5. A pop up will ask you to verify or login to your Apple account to get the iMessage working. If you don't have one, this is the time you would need to register for it.
  6. The first time registration would take some time and thus, do not panic if the activation takes more than 1 minute (should not be more than 5 minutes on 3G connection)
Troubleshooting guides for some common errors faced during iMessage activation

Help! My iMessage is stucked at the activation screen for more than 5 minutes. What should I do?
Here are 4 things you could do when comes to this scenario:
  • Turn iMessage off, reboot device and then turn it on again.
  • Turn Airplane mode on and after 1 minute, turn it back off. Now, turn iMessage off and wait for another minute before turning it back on again.
  • Assuming you are on Cellular Data, connect to WiFi first and then turn your device off. Once rebooted, turn iMessage off and then turn it on back after a few minutes.
  • Lastly, it could easily be caused by the Apple's server as it could be overwhelmed or experience outrages just like all of us :)

My friend has an iPhone but I am not able to send him iMessage. What is wrong?
Assuming that he had installed iMessage correctly, you would need to update his contact with the country code in front.

Could I send iMessage to a contact without the country code in the number?
No, you can't.

Is iMessage free for use?
Oh yes! It is free but it would need Internet connection.

Congratulation! Now, you are able to send short messages (SMS) and even MMS to other friends who has iMessage installed on their devices.

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Does iOS 5.1 Really Fix The iPhone Battery Issue?

Since iOS 5.1 was released recently, it has been the main topic for everyone. Many believe that this is actually a real fix from Apple Inc. for all the issues Apple users been experiencing with the previous build iOS 5.0.1. So how real is real? Is iOS 5.1 is not a real fix at all?

One of the biggest debate over iOS 5.1 is the battery issue. Let's live with it guys. Without juice, an iPhone isn't an iPhone anymore. It could well be just a brick at your home. So, does the release of iOS 5.1 solve the 'so-called' battery issue most Apple users faced in the previous build? Seriously, the answer varies between users.

As you can see, my family are crazy over iPhone and they were kind enough to perform a few battery test for me. With a full charge, iPhone 4S with iOS 5.1 could easily last 12 to 16 hours with moderate usage. With heavy usage, the smartphone would last between 3 to 5 hours. Well, if you compare with iOS 5.0.1, I would say the latest iOS released is pretty good when it comes to saving battery.However, here's the catch; the different in settings. Of course, the above test are done with all push notification almost equal as some were not using Twitter and Notification settings are completely standardize.

Again, from browsing the forum, some says that they experienced even worst battery life. Well, this could be true but before we jump into conclusion, always make sure you have a few full cycle run and not just one, use for a few days and always take the average battery usage instead of just a day for a better reading.

7 useful tips that I could share with all of you when it comes to battery saving are as below:
  • Close all applications when you are not using them by double tap the home button and manually end the task or application
  • Perform one full cycle a month at least
  • Setting auto lock and putting a shorter duration (the more the screen is turned off, the more battery you save)
  • Turn off your WiFi and bluetooth when you are not using them
  • Adjust the screen brightness as more battery burns with a brighter screen
  • Turning off Automatic Time Zone in the setting column
  • If speed of Internet isn't an issue for you (assuming you are on iOS 5.1), turn off Enable 3G in the Setting column
For my verdict, I would say iOS 5.1 definitely improves the battery life of the next generation of iPhone but it would depends highly on self preference and the users themselves. You may expect some improvements but do not expect a super improvement I would say. Therefore, if you ask me, I would say, YES, iOS 5.1 released by Apple Inc. fixed the iPhone battery issue!

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How To Set Up iTunes WiFi Sync

Today, I am going to share with you another thing that makes iPhone so great. Don't get me wrong as I love both Android and iOS but I really feel the mobility when using iOS. With the release of iOS 5, Apple Inc. has revealed a new feature which is you can sync your iDevices (iPhone, iPod and iPad) with iTunes over the same WiFi network. Yes, this means that good bye those long cords!

Steve Jobs - The man behind Apple Inc.

You might be asking, what wireless sync can do and the answer is practically everything from Audio, bookmarks, documents and even purchased applications. So what do you actually needs to perform a wireless sync?

Step by step guide to setup iTunes WiFi sync
  1. iPhone, iPad or iPods (any iDevices that is running iOS 5 and above).
  2. Make sure both your iDevice and laptop are connected to the same WiFi network.
  3. Connect your iDevice with your laptop and wait for iTunes to automatically open.
  4. If your iTunes does not open automatically, feel free to open the application manually.
  5. Now, select or highlight your iDevice on the left panel.
  6. Click 'Summary' in the menu bar. Scroll down to the 'Options' section.
  7. Check the 'Sync with this (iOS device) over Wi-Fi' box. Click 'Apply'.
  8. Detach your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  9. Initiate an iTunes Wi-Fi Sync by tapping Settings > General > iTunes Wi-Fi Sync > Sync Now on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Or, plug it into an outlet.  
Now, you have all setup and you can rest assured that your iDevices are sync automatically within the same network connection and at the same time, waving good bye to those messy long cords.

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Guide to Undervolt Android Safely

So you have an Android and hands are all itchy over to start undervolting. Great! You feel that simply by undervolting, you will be able to save enough juice to last longer and increase your smartphone performance. You right to the nail but again, there are things you need to know about undervolting. Here are the two types of undervolters (undervolters: people or user who undervolts :p )

  • Safe or undervolt (some call this simple undervolt
  • Extreme undervolt
Undervolting can boost battery life and increase performance
1. Safe undervolt
This is an undervolt process where one actually reduce a minimal amount of voltage just to make sure the phone is always stable. You are able to increase performance if you select the right CPU governor according to your choice and even save more battery life in your Android.

2. Extreme undervolt
Extreme undervolt is what I liked most. This is a process where voltage are set to the lowest possible to further increase your battery life but at the same time, ensuring that the phone processes or performance is not affected what so ever. This is risky as phone can easily be unstable and could easily goes into SOD (Sleep Of Death).

Now you know generally on undervolting. These are what you need to get yourself in order to start undervolting immediately (choose either one):

Voltage Control
SetCPU for Root Users

Step by step guide in safe undervolting
  1. Install the above Android applications of your choice.
  2. Run the application.
  3. Now you will see the voltage and speed as low as 100 mhz to 1600 mhz (by default, you will have 200 mhz to 1200 mhz)
  4. On every speed there has a voltage control at the side or bottom which you adjust the level.
  5. For staters, reduce -25 voltage for all categories.
  6. Save and reboot.
  7. Open back the application after all the systems are running completely and the voltage will be adjusted to the one you had saved earlier.
Step by step guide in extreme undervolting
  1. Perform the same thing as what written for safe undervolting from step 1 to 5 (refer above).
  2. Now, this is where it comes tricky and time consuming. Reduce another -25 voltage for one category at one time and try use the phone as usual for the next 30 minutes to an hour.
  3. If there is no hang and SOD, you may continue -25 voltage for next category.
  4. Repeat this for all categories one by one.
  5. Let's say you had completed all the categories and the phone is still running great. You may repeat step 3 again to further reduce -25 voltage for every category again.
  6. You can stop once your phone hangs in the middle of usage and that means that the previous setting is the minimum requirement for the smartphone to be running at its best.

Troubleshooting during undervolting

1. Help! My Android just went blank and black screen. Nothing is working!
There is a high possibility of SOD. Hold the power button long and it will reboot itself.

2. The phone seems hotter than usual. Is this normal?
Most Android phones when being 'modified' will tend to be a little warmer than usual. Use it for a few days and it will slowly goes away. Take it as the phone need space to get used to it.

3. I can't undervolt as it requires root. How to fixed this?
You can undervolt only if your Android is rooted.

4. How much battery saving are we talking about when undervolting?
There is no fixed amount as it depends on your usage. I would say additional of 1-2 hours usage from my personal experience.

5. What is the best voltage value for Android?
Each Android is different as we have an ocean full of variety when comes to ROMs and kernels. Already remember that what's working for others, might not work for you. I would suggest going safe undervolting first before going deeper into extreme volting.

6. Will undervolting damage my lovely and previous Android?
Chances is yes. Modifying your Android is just like modifying your car or bike. Each and every action you do outside from what signed by Samsung might hurt you. However, if you are careful, follow instructions and understand completely about undervolting, then you are well protected.

I am not responsible for any damage done to your Android and this article serve as a guide. Please understand that this is a general guide and if you want to be safe, always start with safe undervolting before anything else. For more guides on Android undervolting, you should definitely check this article out: The Best Undervolting Settings For Android

iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S II

It is year 2011/12 and for me, this is year that Apple has face the real competitor. Samsung releases the ultimate Samsung Galaxy S 2 (i9100) and for some, it is considered the 'iPhone killer'. I was lucky to be able to use and owned both iPhone 4 S and the Samsung Galaxy S II. After using both phone for some time, I am well aware what both phone can do and I am going to share with you all.

Side by side line up with the white iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S2
Battery life
Samsung Galaxy S II is equiped with a 1,650 mah battery while iPhone 4 S comes with 1,432 mah. With one glance, Samsung Galaxy S II could be the clear winner here but again, it really boils down to one's usage. I would say S2 definitely need a bigger juice pack as it has the Super Amoled Plus screen which is superb bright.

All in all, I would give 1 point to the latest Galaxy series for its bigger juice capacity.

Current score: iPhone 4 S (0) : Samsung Galaxy S II (1)

Screen size
They say size matters...well in some cases! Being able to use both Galaxy S 2 and iPhone, I consider both are equal when it comes to screen size. As Galaxy S 2 comes with a huge screen measuring 125.3 x 66.1 mm while iPhone 4 S comes with a much smaller screen measuring 115.2 x 58.6 mm. Again, I wouldn't say which is better but it would be much better if you could definite what's the smartphone usage for you. In another words, do you prefer to watch movies, play high definition games or just a balance work and play. For those who is always on the move, the S2 might be a little big as you surely wouldn't want to damage your love phone when you slit it into your jeans pockets or those tight spots. iPhone 4 S on the other hand, is always great and is what I called 'palm size'.

The first draw of the match! It wouldn't be fair for me to mark on this as size matters to everyone depending on usage.

Current score: iPhone 4 S (0) : Samsung Galaxy S II (1)

How many of us actually hates a phone that is so complex? Being an avid user for both Android and Apple, I would definitely say iPhone is the clear winner here. For me, I always love to label the user-friendliness of iPhone as idiot proof. I know and I am sorry for being mean but heck, you can simply throw an iPhone to a toddler and you can rest assured that he or she will be rocking away with the new found toy. Trust me! iPhone is much easier than Android. However, this doesn't mean that Android is hard to learn but it would definitely take a little time for you to get used to it.

Do I need to repeat myself here again? :)

Current score: iPhone 4 S (1) : Samsung Galaxy S II (1)

Customization factor
If customizing is a huge motivation for you, then I would say you go for Samsung Galaxy S II. Android is well known for its variety of ROMs, kernels and even applications to modify your smartphone. With iPhone, you can still modify by jailbreaking but the choices you have, is definitely not as much as what Android can offer.

Android is clearly the winner here but let me emphasize that customizing your lovely smartphone is a huge risk. You might brick your phone if something goes south!

Current score: iPhone 4 S (1) : Samsung Galaxy S II (2)

Additional accessories
Do you like to show off your gadgets with those eye-popping and mouth watering accessories? If yes, then Apple is one of the most favourable for producers around the world! You can basically find nearly all of Apple products (both fakes and original ones) in any store and even in those night markets! When it comes to Android, yes there is still a variety but just not that many compared to the almighty Apple.

This is definitely just an add on for Apple users as all of us can live without eye catching gadgets. However, it is always fun to have right?

Current score: iPhone 4 S (2) : Samsung Galaxy S II (2)

For my closure (in my honest opinion), there should not be any debate on which is better. As both are running different platforms, there is no doubt that this could be a very un-even match. Nonetheless, I would like to emphasize that always buy a device which you like most and not what others think might be good. This is important as you are the one spending the money and make sure you like it!

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Honest Review: Is it worth upgrading to iOS 5.1?

iOS 5.1 is one of the anticipated releases by Apple Inc for both iPhones, iPads and even iPods. If you simply Google for the answer, you would see thousand and one different comments on iOS 5.1. In this post, I am going to summarize everything for you, all under one roof. For your information, I installed iOS 5.1 on my lovely iPhone 4S.

Are you ready for iOS 5.1?

Battery issues
Coming from iOS 5.0.1, I would say the latest iOS release is a bomb! Battery life improves drastically and it is great as you would have those extra juice to last you a whole day (or longer in most cases). Again, some people said their iDevices can't last the whole day. I would always tell them these:
  1. Everyone uses different brightness level. I uses about 10% with auto set 'On'. The reason is because due to 'too much screen time' daily due to work, bright lights hurt my eyes big time.
  2. Do you airplane mode? I airplane mode when I am in 'DND' mode (e.g. in meeting, conference calls etc).
  3. If you are always in wifi area, what you can do is turn off your 3G by playing with the 3G toggle (which only available on iOS 5.1). 
  4. Always clear your 'still open' apps. Opening them and allowing them to run in the background will just burn your battery even more.
  5. Do you full cycle your battery? I full cycle my battery at least twice a month. Some says that over doing might hurt your battery. So, use this with cautions.

3G toggle button
Regardless how much you love this or hate this, this is a life saver. If speed of browsing is not an issue for you or you are always in wifi zone, turning off your 3G and converting to Edge could be a great battery saver. For the record, 3G toggle button is only available on iOS 5.1 and not anything older.

Camera on lock screen
Have you ever encounter a moment where you wish you could unlock your iDevices and take a quick snap of that very moment? Now with the iOS 5.1 update, there is a camera button on the lock screen. All you have to do is to swipe it upwards and the camera will be turned on. Forget about key-in your 4 digit pin and finding the camera icon. I am pretty sure by the time you do so, the moment had passed. If you are wondering if security is an issue here, opening the camera application via the lock screen is not an issue as you can still access the gallery but you are only able to view the photo you had just taken. Therefore, all of your photos in the phone is safe.

When it comes to smoothness, I would say iOS 5.1 is slightly smoother by 1% or so. Very, very non significant boost in smoothness but hey, more smoothness is better right? What I can say is when you are using Apple, smoothness is the least of your worry. Trust me on this.

Jailbreaking iOS 5.1
This could be the million dollar question. Can you jail break iOS 5.1? The answer (sadly) is no...at least for now. However, on the brighter side, top developers are already into business of finding the vulnerability of iOS 5.1 and we will soon be able to get a untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.1.

Downgrading from iOS 5.1
This is crucial. Once you have upgraded to iOS 5.1, you will not be able to downgrade especially if you are using A5 chips. Forget about the cracks and tips you have; they won't work. Unless you are not using A5 chips, then yes, you are able to downgrade.

In my opinion, if you could live without jailbreak (at least for the moment), why not try out iOS 5.1? I am personally on iOS 5.1 and I could definitely live without those tweaks. For me, battery life is vital as a smartphone without battery is useless. So, how about you?

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Complete Guide In Updating iOS for iPhone, iPad and iPod

I haven been in the Apple community for just a few weeks but what really puzzle me is the number of posts asking for how to upgrade an iPhone, iPad or iPod successfully. Well, it is really easy and I am not sure why so many people having issues with it. Nonetheless, you have come to the right place as I am going to explain to you step by step on how to upgrade your iDevice without much to worry about!

The much anticipated iOS 5.1 is released!
What you need to remember is ALWAYS backup your phone and details. Regardless you backup via iCloud (for those using iOS 5 and above) or backup to your computer, just do it! It won't kill you to have additional backups.

Now, without much waiting, here are the steps and follow them to the full stop and you will be just fine in upgrading your iDevice.

Upgrading using iTunes
1. Always backup (did I mention to you how important back up is?) via iTunes or iCloud of your choice.
2. If you have recently jail break your iDevice, it is highly recommended to perform a full wipe before upgrading.
3. [Optional] Select Restore to perform a full wipe and restoring back to iDevice original state.
4. Select 'Check for update'.
5. Follow the instruction which is usually click to agree and yes to install.
6. Let the phone upgrade itself and grab yourself a coffee. Usually such will take about from 5 minutes to mere 30 minutes.
7. Restore your data if needed and you can continue rocking with your iDevice.

Upgrading using iDevice OTA
1. As usual, backup your data.
2. If you have recently jail break your iDevice, it is highly recommended to perform a full wipe before upgrading.
3. [Optional] Select 'Erase All Setting and Content' on your device to ensure a clean installation.
4. Go to Setting > General > Software Update
5. Click to update and follow the instruction given.
6. Usually these type of upgrade is faster and thus, will take less than 10 minutes.
7. Restore your data if needed and you can continue rocking with your iDevice.

There you go, two easiest ways to upgrade your iDevice without having to worry if something might go wrong during the process. Now, you start rocking out with your latest iOS 5.1 update!

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My honest opinion on iPhone 4 S

24th February 2012 is a date I will never forget. This is the day that I got my hands on a brand new, black 16 gb iPhone 4 S from Celcom Blue Cube near Bangsar. Well you might be asking me why black and not white? Well, I scouted everywhere for a white one and finally managed to find one at that same outlet. However, it was already booked by someone and thus, my only choice is black. It didn't took long for me to decide having black as I was dead determined to become a proud owner of an Apple iPhone 4 S.

The new iPhone 4S - The most amazing iphone yet.
First of all, Apple is always great for its products and the iPhone generation is no difference. Coming from Samsung Galaxy S II, I have no doubt I love iPhone more than the Samsung one. Both you and I have heard all about the Samsung unlocked bootloader etc for its custom ROMs etc. Of course, this is something iPhone 4 S could not beat but if you jail break it, you could very well be rocking your way with the Apple device.

As a heavy custom user for Android, I am glad to have iOS device as I can wave goodbye to those endless and sleepless nights trying to mod or customize my Android. What iOS can offer is stability and with an elegant finish! Kudos to the late Steve Jobs for the briliant idea.

Battery wise, it is easy to configure but trust me that if you come from Android family, it would take more than just a few hours to figure that out. One of the best saving tips is to turn off the automatic time zone updater. Of course, the rest will be the usual one such as turning off wifi when you are not using and even adjust your screen brightness.

When it comes to back up, iPhone 4 S has the iCloud feature which I would say is pretty cool. However, I am finding the back up to computer when we are connect to iTunes is the best choice around. Yes, I am old school but hey, that gives me some comfort when I sleep at night knowing I have my backups somewhere close.

Talking about Operating System or also known as OS, iOS 5.1 had just been rolled out and the upgrade is great. Through I read many contradicting information of the iOS 5.1, I really felt the upgrade has improve dramatically especially for its battery usage and phone usage. Of course, you have the choice to either continue having iOS 5.0.1 or you can just instantly upgrade to the latest version.

When it comes to normal usage, I would say Samsung Galaxy S II has a slight advantage over iPhone 4 S due to its Super Amoled Plus feature. That makes the screen super bright and the display, is pretty intensive. However, iPhone 4 S has retina display feature to fight back. All in all, this advantage of Super Amoled Plus actually has a big downside which is it burns battery real fast.

So, what is my verdict for this? For me, iPhone 4S is in fact one of the greatest device that Apple Inc. has created and I am seeing much more benefits of using it than any other smartphones available in the market right now.

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