Well, what should I write this time around? Since I am so into iPhone lately, let me share with you the top 15 iPhone applications that you must have on your iDevice. Of course, I am going to mix and match between the paid and free version for your reference as well. I know you are dying to know which is the top 15 iPhone applications and so here goes!

Thank you Steve Jobs for the iPhone generation!
#15. Flash Light
At number 15, I would definitely suggest Flash Light (free version). I have this from day one of me having an iPhone and this app has never let me down before. Imagine you are in the a dark spot (e.g. outside your house door and the lights are off) and this application definitely comes in handy. If you have activator from Cydia for JailBroken iDevices, you can even turn Flash Light on simply by pressing the power button!

#14. Instragram
Instragram is 14th on my applications list as with this application, you will be able to share photos immediately from your iPhone. Even better, you can share and enjoy the priceless moments with your friends virtually! This is 101% a must for those who love photography.

#13. Draw Free
This game application is pretty addictive! You can compete with anyone or even with your friends. What makes it so fun is it will test your drawing skills and who knows; you might find your hidden talent here! Best of all, it comes with a free and paid version (ad-free version) for you to choose.

#12. SoundHound
I bought this on my Android and this is also one of the apps I got it immediately after I got my lovely iPhone 4S. Have you encounter a moment where you hear a great song and you wish you could find the lyrics and the details of the song? SoundHound basically captures the lyrics and it will search online to give you the exact detail of that song. Pretty cool huh?

#11. Tango
Another free application for iPhone users around the world. With Tango, you basically able to have a 'face-time' with anyone of your friends who has Tango installed on their smartphone. It is also said to be able to generate 3D video calls. Works great under WiFi and 3G as well.

#10. Skype
How can I describe Skype? Skype is one of the best instant messenger around which works great with both video call and messages. Do I really need to say more on this?

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#9. Infinity Blade 2
This is what I call 'game changer'. With a small fee, this game offers a great game play and even graphics. Very addictive and this will occupy you for quite sometime. The developers of this game have pretty good rating and even many positive comments worldwide.

#8. DropBox
File sharing for the win! There is no, (allow me to emphasize again) NO other applications that come closed to DropBox when it comes to file sharing online. A Must-Have on your iPhone...hands down. Yes, file sharing at your finger tips.

#7. Evernote
Another pioneer application in the smartphone industry. Have your memo, tasks and important details stored safely in Evernote and you can basically access the details anywhere on Earth with a laptop or smartphone. Definitely very important for those who have many information and tasks to do.

#6. Wunderlist
This is a pretty new face in terms of organizer application (imagine Evernote). In some way, I would say I use Evernote more than Wunderlist but what makes me vote this better than Evernote is because Wunderlist is easy to use. Yes, it is more user-friendly compared to the rest and I just love the background and everything which can be customized easily.

#5. BBC News
Hell yeah! For those who love to keep up with the world news, this is definitely a must-have app in your iPhone. I uses this application nearly everywhere and at an average, 5 times daily. Yes! I totally love this app. The best news application iPhone can offer for free.

#4. Twitter
Yes you are right. With the current generation now, how can we live without social networking? I love iPhone Twitter app but the only reason it is not ranking as well is because I uses this primarily for my blogging only.

Do you Facebook, Twitter or both?

#3. WhatsApp
Okay. This is the number one application I bought without even thinking or checking the price. Yes. Imagine messaging anyone around the world with the expense of a little data. Regardless saving cost or the speed of messaging, this is one app you must have regardless if you use it or not.

#2. Facebook
Facebook had changed the way we live our lives and how many of us check Facebook every few minutes once? I know many of us do and is no doubt this application is one of the top 3 any day of the week.

#1. Flipboard
Surprise surprise. Flipboard is one of the latest application that took the world by storm. Imagine news, social networking updates and everything you can think of is located together under one roof. All you have to do is...Yes! Flip the page! Extremely useful and I felt in love with it immediately within 5 minutes of using it. If you don't get this, it is your lost buddy!

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