I know this is one of the most asked question over the Internet. What is the best site to earn money online? Here, it really depends on what you could do first. For starters, with zero start up cost and some flare in writing, you could easily start up writing online. If you would ask me why did I choose writing, I am going to tell you all about it in this article. Once you finish reading this, I will then leave it to you about whether to choose writing or other methods of earning.

Do you want to know what is the best site to earn money online?

Why should you choose to earn money online?

1. Freelancing is God
Freelance writing is pretty straight forward. You find a job and start writing online. Once completed, you will get a said amount for completing the job. Nowadays there are hundreds of freelancing jobs available on Freelancer and eLancer. Therefore, there is no problem finding for one. Just don't be choosy and you will land a nice simple job.

2. No fixed hours = freedom
Freedom is something I really like about freelance writers. You can be blogging or completing a writing task nearly every where on earth with just the availability of the Internet. With earning money online, you can wave good bye to those desk works and even the 9 to 5 office works.

3. Why writing online earns you the most money?
Writing has no stopping or limit. Unline Pay Per Click sites, your writing (as along is published), will continuously earns you money day by day. This is what I call, an investment that will grow day by day.

Being said the above, what are the best sites that you can earn money online simply by writing? There are actually quite a few which can make you earn some crazy cash honestly if you are hardworking.

Three of the best sites for writers to earn money online

1. Personal blogs and websites
Believe it or not, personal blogging is one of the best way to earn money online. In fact, this is one of the best way not only to earn money but also earning the biggest profit ever in advertisement. You can easily start a free blog at Blogger.com or even start up your self hosted website. Either way, all advertisement revenue gained from there is completely yours. What you need to know is a blog takes months to grow and in order to be successful in blogging business, you got to be patience and continue to input valuable information on your blog from time to time.

  • Not tied down with rules and regulations
  • Very open platform for both newbies and serious writers
  • Many advertising programs you can join to monetize the site
  • Website maintenance must be done regularly
  • Self hosted domains are prone to hackers
  • Small fees for running the site might be required if you are using self hosting domains
  • Page ranks must be done from scratch

2. HubPages - the most popular online writer community
Earn money online using HubPages
If I would to choose a site which I can write and monetize, I would always suggest joining HubPages. Allow me to explain in simple English on what HubPages is all about. HubPages is a domain where one can easily post their article online and share with the world. HubPages has many monetization programs where most writers will starts seeing income increases roughly after 3 months there. HubPages is great if you would want to have trouble free thinking of domain and hosting matters. The site is easy to use and is very user-friendly. Not to forget, the community is vast and you have a very good amount of audience daily. However, all these goodness has it costs too as well. All revenue earned are shared between HubPages and you on a 40-60 basis. Of course, 60% goes to you, the writer. Now, before you think start judging, read back from the start of HubPages. If you can devote your 3 months or more to HubPages, why don't devote it to your blog instead?

Join HubPages, the largest community for online writers now!

  • Easy to maintain
  • You will start with an upper hand thanks to HubPages high page rank
  • Many monetization programs ready to go with just a few clicks
  • No HTML and coding knowledge needed
  • Monetization revenue will always be shared
  • No self domain name
  • Tied down to rules and regulations of HubPages (such as number of backlinks etc)

3. Triond - an online site to publish articles
Triond is one of my favourite site to publish my articles online when I first started writing. Triond is easy to use but has very limited functions. All you can do is to publish articles online and the only monetization factor is Adsense. For me, Triond is good as a backlink site as it is getting ranked on search engines easily. However, earning here at Triond is harder as you are paid per 1,000 impressions and Adsense only. Very limited earning methods but not impossible to earn money using Triond. Again, advertisement revenue here are split between Triond and the writer just like HubPages.

Register for Triond for free here!


  • Having upper hand using Triond high page rank
  • Big community of readers to give traffic boosting
  • No maintenance required


  • Monetization revenue is shared between Triond and the writer
  • There are terms and conditions that writers would need to comply
  • Writers earn revenue by per 1,000 views which is pretty low payout

My verdict and personal opinion as an online writer

If you ask me, I would tell you to write in all three sites I stated above. My personal advice is to focus completely on your blog or website and use other writing platforms to backlink and push your site up the page rank. Monetizing a blog or website needs time and thus, you should use all your available 'weapons' to ensure you are getting the best traffic and revenue boost. I hope this article serve you well especially in your blogging life and I am definitely open for more discussion. Feel free to contact me via the comment box and we can have a very healthy conversation on this matter.

Meantime, here is something about me:
I am an avid blogger and close to a full time online writer. I been writing for many years and The Big Fat Reality is one of my upcoming blogs. I am also sharing all my tips and guides on blogging in this blog for all my readers. Have you heard about Google Affiliate Ads program? This article is the latest writing of mine that explains How You Can Monetize Blogs With The Google Affiliate Ads Program.