Disqus - Blogger's alternative comment system
One of the biggest problem for bloggers around the world is having uncontrolled amount of spam comments. If you are having a self hosted domain, it would be easier as there are many custom comment systems you an choose from. When you use Blogger, moderating comments might be one of the hardest and most challenging yet for all of us. I have personally tested quite a few comment systems recently and only one stand out of the crowd. Introducing Disqus, one of the world's best comment system that works in nearly all major blogging platforms.

How Disqus works?
Disqus works in very simple ways. All comments posted will be moderated by Disqus. As an admin, you will be able to choose if you want to have an auto approval or set the comment to be manually approved. What I really love about Disqus is it works so perfectly (at least for me) with Blogger.

Moderating comment using Blogger?
We all have problem moderating comments in Blogger such as removing unwanted links etc. It is not possible with Blogger stock commenting system and here is where Disqus comes into play. You are able to perform any other task Blogger could do with a fat twist; ability to edit the comments. Now, we can rest assured that those readers who comment just to get backlink is taken cared of for good!

Login using social network account
If you are using stock Blogger comment system, commenters can only choose to comment using Google ID, OpenID or Anonymous. With Disqus, commenters are able to login with multiple methods such as using Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo account. This reduces the hassle and they do not need to register a whole new account just for commenting.

Commentor's rank and stats
Another great feature of Disqus is the commentor's stats. Imagine commenter A is a spammer or usually doesn't provide good information in the comment. Readers and admins are able to rank the person down. Reputation affected? Oh yes! This will make our community even better and we can start waving good bye to spammers and 'free back-linkers'.

Easy integration methods
Even if you have many comments, you are able to import every into Disqus. The whole process would take less than 24 hours to perform. So, not to worry if you have tenth or thousands of comments right now in your site. With a click of a button, Disqus will do it for you without hassle.

My personal review on Disqus
For me, Disqus is one of the best alternative comment system for many blogging platforms and it works wonders for Bloggers. If you have not installed Disqus or start using it, I suggest you install it right now and with Disqus, you can say kiss scammers and low quality comment good bye for good.

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