24th February 2012 is a date I will never forget. This is the day that I got my hands on a brand new, black 16 gb iPhone 4 S from Celcom Blue Cube near Bangsar. Well you might be asking me why black and not white? Well, I scouted everywhere for a white one and finally managed to find one at that same outlet. However, it was already booked by someone and thus, my only choice is black. It didn't took long for me to decide having black as I was dead determined to become a proud owner of an Apple iPhone 4 S.

The new iPhone 4S - The most amazing iphone yet.
First of all, Apple is always great for its products and the iPhone generation is no difference. Coming from Samsung Galaxy S II, I have no doubt I love iPhone more than the Samsung one. Both you and I have heard all about the Samsung unlocked bootloader etc for its custom ROMs etc. Of course, this is something iPhone 4 S could not beat but if you jail break it, you could very well be rocking your way with the Apple device.

As a heavy custom user for Android, I am glad to have iOS device as I can wave goodbye to those endless and sleepless nights trying to mod or customize my Android. What iOS can offer is stability and with an elegant finish! Kudos to the late Steve Jobs for the briliant idea.

Battery wise, it is easy to configure but trust me that if you come from Android family, it would take more than just a few hours to figure that out. One of the best saving tips is to turn off the automatic time zone updater. Of course, the rest will be the usual one such as turning off wifi when you are not using and even adjust your screen brightness.

When it comes to back up, iPhone 4 S has the iCloud feature which I would say is pretty cool. However, I am finding the back up to computer when we are connect to iTunes is the best choice around. Yes, I am old school but hey, that gives me some comfort when I sleep at night knowing I have my backups somewhere close.

Talking about Operating System or also known as OS, iOS 5.1 had just been rolled out and the upgrade is great. Through I read many contradicting information of the iOS 5.1, I really felt the upgrade has improve dramatically especially for its battery usage and phone usage. Of course, you have the choice to either continue having iOS 5.0.1 or you can just instantly upgrade to the latest version.

When it comes to normal usage, I would say Samsung Galaxy S II has a slight advantage over iPhone 4 S due to its Super Amoled Plus feature. That makes the screen super bright and the display, is pretty intensive. However, iPhone 4 S has retina display feature to fight back. All in all, this advantage of Super Amoled Plus actually has a big downside which is it burns battery real fast.

So, what is my verdict for this? For me, iPhone 4S is in fact one of the greatest device that Apple Inc. has created and I am seeing much more benefits of using it than any other smartphones available in the market right now.

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