Should I choose Nuffnang or Google Adsense?
I know many of you bloggers and webmasters are wondering if Nuffnang ads are worth the time. Even I asked myself (in the earlier days) if I should concentrate more on Nuffnang instead of Adsense. I did a very simple test previously on my domain for one full month running on Adsense and another full month running on Nuffnang ads. The results are quite shocking seriously. Nuffnang was the winner in the 'competition' and it was a very close shave. In fact, Nuffnang was leading close to a USD $ 5.00 compared to Adsense. Yes, Nuffnang pays in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) and not US Dollars (USD) but I very used with USD so bear with me guys. I often wonder why Nuffnang could do as well as Google Adsense and I did a few so-call experiment during my free and leisure time. Lucky for you, I am going to explain to you in this article how you can decide if you should focus more on Google Adsense or Nuffnang on your blog and website.

Be smart in placing your Nuffnang ads
I couldn't emphasize how important ad placement is for a blogger. Regardless if it is for Nuffnang, Google Adsense or any other advertisement program, always make sure you are placing the right size at the right place! The basic will always be skyscaper ad to be placed near the header, sidebar advertisement to be placed in the side bar (duh!) and large rectangle ones are usually between or in a post itself. Honestly, these advertisement sizes are given names such as skycraper and sidebar for a reason. These are the ones that will actually attract most potential readers to actually click on the advertisement.

Building traffic for more Nuffnang earnings
Here's the logic part. If you want to have more Nuffnang earnings, you would need to have more visitors. Therefore, you need to generate more traffic to ensure you are getting the best out of Nuffnang ads. Of course, one of my usual tips and tricks for a blogger will be always focus on traffic first and not earning. Once your website or blog gain a stable amount of visitors a day, you will see your earning increases slowly as well. Worry about your traffic first and not about your ad revenue.

Boost your blog earnings with Nuffnang and Innit
This is one thing every one fail to remember even though we all know about it. With the combined number of views for both Nuffnang and Innit, we are actually looking into roughly more than 2 millions viewers from Malaysia daily. And yes, that is only from Malaysia and we have not even counted in our neighbouring countries. With such a huge number we have in hand, the platform is already created for us (first step done) and all we have to do now is to sell our products. With the right content and timing, you will be able to attract hundreds and thousands of unique visitors daily if you are doing it right!

Million dollar question: Can we earn money online using Nuffnangs Ads?
The answer is yes and why not? All you need to do is to sell your products to others and encourage readers to continue reading for more. Yes it is hard to get good readership but again, it is not impossible. I hope this short article had taught you a thing or two on how you can start taking small but important steps in ensuring your get your Nuffnang earnings kicking in.

Meantime, here is something about me:
I am an avid blogger and close to a full time online writer. I been writing for many years and The Big Fat Reality is one of my upcoming blogs. I am also sharing all my tips and guides on blogging in this blog. My latest writing on blogging is The Best Sites To Earn Money Online As A Writer.