iOS 5.1 is one of the anticipated releases by Apple Inc for both iPhones, iPads and even iPods. If you simply Google for the answer, you would see thousand and one different comments on iOS 5.1. In this post, I am going to summarize everything for you, all under one roof. For your information, I installed iOS 5.1 on my lovely iPhone 4S.

Are you ready for iOS 5.1?

Battery issues
Coming from iOS 5.0.1, I would say the latest iOS release is a bomb! Battery life improves drastically and it is great as you would have those extra juice to last you a whole day (or longer in most cases). Again, some people said their iDevices can't last the whole day. I would always tell them these:
  1. Everyone uses different brightness level. I uses about 10% with auto set 'On'. The reason is because due to 'too much screen time' daily due to work, bright lights hurt my eyes big time.
  2. Do you airplane mode? I airplane mode when I am in 'DND' mode (e.g. in meeting, conference calls etc).
  3. If you are always in wifi area, what you can do is turn off your 3G by playing with the 3G toggle (which only available on iOS 5.1). 
  4. Always clear your 'still open' apps. Opening them and allowing them to run in the background will just burn your battery even more.
  5. Do you full cycle your battery? I full cycle my battery at least twice a month. Some says that over doing might hurt your battery. So, use this with cautions.

3G toggle button
Regardless how much you love this or hate this, this is a life saver. If speed of browsing is not an issue for you or you are always in wifi zone, turning off your 3G and converting to Edge could be a great battery saver. For the record, 3G toggle button is only available on iOS 5.1 and not anything older.

Camera on lock screen
Have you ever encounter a moment where you wish you could unlock your iDevices and take a quick snap of that very moment? Now with the iOS 5.1 update, there is a camera button on the lock screen. All you have to do is to swipe it upwards and the camera will be turned on. Forget about key-in your 4 digit pin and finding the camera icon. I am pretty sure by the time you do so, the moment had passed. If you are wondering if security is an issue here, opening the camera application via the lock screen is not an issue as you can still access the gallery but you are only able to view the photo you had just taken. Therefore, all of your photos in the phone is safe.

When it comes to smoothness, I would say iOS 5.1 is slightly smoother by 1% or so. Very, very non significant boost in smoothness but hey, more smoothness is better right? What I can say is when you are using Apple, smoothness is the least of your worry. Trust me on this.

Jailbreaking iOS 5.1
This could be the million dollar question. Can you jail break iOS 5.1? The answer (sadly) is least for now. However, on the brighter side, top developers are already into business of finding the vulnerability of iOS 5.1 and we will soon be able to get a untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.1.

Downgrading from iOS 5.1
This is crucial. Once you have upgraded to iOS 5.1, you will not be able to downgrade especially if you are using A5 chips. Forget about the cracks and tips you have; they won't work. Unless you are not using A5 chips, then yes, you are able to downgrade.

In my opinion, if you could live without jailbreak (at least for the moment), why not try out iOS 5.1? I am personally on iOS 5.1 and I could definitely live without those tweaks. For me, battery life is vital as a smartphone without battery is useless. So, how about you?

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