Today, I am going to share with you on you can install paid apps for free on iPhone after jailbreaking. Before I start, allow me to emphasize that this is definitely illegal and unhealthy especially for the our dear developers. However, I know this is one of the biggest reasons on why people would want to jail break their iDevices. I am going to explain the steps as simple as possible for your understanding and don't worry, it is completely safe.

Step by step guide to install paid apps on jailbroken iPhone

1. The top priority is to get your device jailbroken first before anything. Being said that, if you still have no idea how to jailbreak your iPhone, iPod or iPad, you can use this guide to help you through: The Complete Guide To Jailbreak With Absinthe.

2. Okay, I believe you ready now and congratulation! You are one step closer to success! You have to understand there are a few different methods where you can install those paid apps for free. I am using Installous as it is probably one of the easiest to use out there. Consider this as another version of Cydia Store and with a huge difference where it provides paid apps for free to download.

3. Now, open your Cydia and head to Sources. Basically, you just got to head towards Manage > Sources.

4. Once you are in the Sources page, you will be able to see quite a lot of websites located there. Do not change anything there. Whatever they are there, are good for you! All you have to do is to click on the Edit tap and select Add.

5. Once the pop up window shows up, type in this URL: and select Add Sources. If there is a pop up asking if you are sure to add it, just click Add Anyway.

6. Now, allow Cydia to reboot itself and update. I do hope that by now, you are on WiFi as there will be a download going on background to update all the sources and packages. if you are not on WiFi, you should definitely turn it on right now!

7. Once everything is ready, search for Installous on Cydia and install it. Again, let it update itself for awhile. don't worry as Installous is free.

8. Once downloading is done, you can now fire up Installous which is located on your springboard. Now, every paid apps on App Store is basically in your hands and best part of all, they are all free!

So, how to download paid apps for free using Installous?

1. Search for the apps you are looking for in Installous. Make sure the name is correct though.

2. Select the app found on search results and select Download.

3. A list of downloads will pop up for you to choose and on the right side of the screen, you will be able to see the version number. Of course, the latest would be the best.

4. You will also see the first option which is Magnet. This is a pretty fast download using BitTorrent and yes, it is highly advisable to use it!

Important notes:

1. All those downloading are at your own risk and I am not held responsible for any damage or unwanted incidents happen to you or your iDevices.
2. You are not able to update them (if there is update) from Apple Appstore but you can do it via Installous.

Now, what else are you waiting for? Get your devices ready as you are about to open the world of downloading the best paid apps for free!

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