I see so many people asking the same questions over and over. The latest was for both iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S2. So, here I am going to talk a little (generally) on why smartphones feels warm or hot and if that is normal for a day to day scenario.

Reasons why smartphones feels warmer than usual:

1. Heavy usage
One of the biggest and most common issue is heavy usage. I know many of us are so addicted to our smartphones that we had transformed them into something we called 'a neccesity' instead of needs. Heavy usage burns battery fast and at the same time, increase the usage of the processors and thus, generates more heat than usual.

2. Using 3G or WiFi
Turning on Automatic detection for cell service or simply turning on 3G will also increases the heat creation. When 3G are set to be turned on, the phone will be on constant 'searching' mode for 3G reception and deciding between an Edge or 3G connection is best fit for the area. As for WiFi, automatic detection will cause the same issue as what said for automatic 3G/Edge toggle.

3. Bluetooth usage
using Bluetooh is no difference than number 2. If you are not using Bluetooth, turn it off and you will even kill two birds with one stone for both battery saving and heat creation!

4. GPS is turned on
If the smartphones get warmer when you are using the GPS application, that is normal. There is nothing be worried of as the device is constantly on data connectivity to ensure you are on the right and exact spot for the best navigation.

5. Using illegal applications
Using illegal and unauthorized applications on your smart devices will also create a high chance of the device getting warmer than usual. I would advise a strict 'Do Not Use' illegal or unauthorized applications on your smartphones unless you know what you are doing.

6. Modifying the smartphones
For modifiers, jailbreaking iPhone or using custom Roms and kernels on Android will also lead to a higher chance of the device getting warmer than usual. At most cases, this is very normal as each OS runs differently. Again, unless you know what you are doing, it is best sticking to stock version.

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