Since iOS 5.1 was released recently, it has been the main topic for everyone. Many believe that this is actually a real fix from Apple Inc. for all the issues Apple users been experiencing with the previous build iOS 5.0.1. So how real is real? Is iOS 5.1 is not a real fix at all?

One of the biggest debate over iOS 5.1 is the battery issue. Let's live with it guys. Without juice, an iPhone isn't an iPhone anymore. It could well be just a brick at your home. So, does the release of iOS 5.1 solve the 'so-called' battery issue most Apple users faced in the previous build? Seriously, the answer varies between users.

As you can see, my family are crazy over iPhone and they were kind enough to perform a few battery test for me. With a full charge, iPhone 4S with iOS 5.1 could easily last 12 to 16 hours with moderate usage. With heavy usage, the smartphone would last between 3 to 5 hours. Well, if you compare with iOS 5.0.1, I would say the latest iOS released is pretty good when it comes to saving battery.However, here's the catch; the different in settings. Of course, the above test are done with all push notification almost equal as some were not using Twitter and Notification settings are completely standardize.

Again, from browsing the forum, some says that they experienced even worst battery life. Well, this could be true but before we jump into conclusion, always make sure you have a few full cycle run and not just one, use for a few days and always take the average battery usage instead of just a day for a better reading.

7 useful tips that I could share with all of you when it comes to battery saving are as below:
  • Close all applications when you are not using them by double tap the home button and manually end the task or application
  • Perform one full cycle a month at least
  • Setting auto lock and putting a shorter duration (the more the screen is turned off, the more battery you save)
  • Turn off your WiFi and bluetooth when you are not using them
  • Adjust the screen brightness as more battery burns with a brighter screen
  • Turning off Automatic Time Zone in the setting column
  • If speed of Internet isn't an issue for you (assuming you are on iOS 5.1), turn off Enable 3G in the Setting column
For my verdict, I would say iOS 5.1 definitely improves the battery life of the next generation of iPhone but it would depends highly on self preference and the users themselves. You may expect some improvements but do not expect a super improvement I would say. Therefore, if you ask me, I would say, YES, iOS 5.1 released by Apple Inc. fixed the iPhone battery issue!

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