It is year 2011/12 and for me, this is year that Apple has face the real competitor. Samsung releases the ultimate Samsung Galaxy S 2 (i9100) and for some, it is considered the 'iPhone killer'. I was lucky to be able to use and owned both iPhone 4 S and the Samsung Galaxy S II. After using both phone for some time, I am well aware what both phone can do and I am going to share with you all.

Side by side line up with the white iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S2
Battery life
Samsung Galaxy S II is equiped with a 1,650 mah battery while iPhone 4 S comes with 1,432 mah. With one glance, Samsung Galaxy S II could be the clear winner here but again, it really boils down to one's usage. I would say S2 definitely need a bigger juice pack as it has the Super Amoled Plus screen which is superb bright.

All in all, I would give 1 point to the latest Galaxy series for its bigger juice capacity.

Current score: iPhone 4 S (0) : Samsung Galaxy S II (1)

Screen size
They say size matters...well in some cases! Being able to use both Galaxy S 2 and iPhone, I consider both are equal when it comes to screen size. As Galaxy S 2 comes with a huge screen measuring 125.3 x 66.1 mm while iPhone 4 S comes with a much smaller screen measuring 115.2 x 58.6 mm. Again, I wouldn't say which is better but it would be much better if you could definite what's the smartphone usage for you. In another words, do you prefer to watch movies, play high definition games or just a balance work and play. For those who is always on the move, the S2 might be a little big as you surely wouldn't want to damage your love phone when you slit it into your jeans pockets or those tight spots. iPhone 4 S on the other hand, is always great and is what I called 'palm size'.

The first draw of the match! It wouldn't be fair for me to mark on this as size matters to everyone depending on usage.

Current score: iPhone 4 S (0) : Samsung Galaxy S II (1)

How many of us actually hates a phone that is so complex? Being an avid user for both Android and Apple, I would definitely say iPhone is the clear winner here. For me, I always love to label the user-friendliness of iPhone as idiot proof. I know and I am sorry for being mean but heck, you can simply throw an iPhone to a toddler and you can rest assured that he or she will be rocking away with the new found toy. Trust me! iPhone is much easier than Android. However, this doesn't mean that Android is hard to learn but it would definitely take a little time for you to get used to it.

Do I need to repeat myself here again? :)

Current score: iPhone 4 S (1) : Samsung Galaxy S II (1)

Customization factor
If customizing is a huge motivation for you, then I would say you go for Samsung Galaxy S II. Android is well known for its variety of ROMs, kernels and even applications to modify your smartphone. With iPhone, you can still modify by jailbreaking but the choices you have, is definitely not as much as what Android can offer.

Android is clearly the winner here but let me emphasize that customizing your lovely smartphone is a huge risk. You might brick your phone if something goes south!

Current score: iPhone 4 S (1) : Samsung Galaxy S II (2)

Additional accessories
Do you like to show off your gadgets with those eye-popping and mouth watering accessories? If yes, then Apple is one of the most favourable for producers around the world! You can basically find nearly all of Apple products (both fakes and original ones) in any store and even in those night markets! When it comes to Android, yes there is still a variety but just not that many compared to the almighty Apple.

This is definitely just an add on for Apple users as all of us can live without eye catching gadgets. However, it is always fun to have right?

Current score: iPhone 4 S (2) : Samsung Galaxy S II (2)

For my closure (in my honest opinion), there should not be any debate on which is better. As both are running different platforms, there is no doubt that this could be a very un-even match. Nonetheless, I would like to emphasize that always buy a device which you like most and not what others think might be good. This is important as you are the one spending the money and make sure you like it!

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