So you have an Android and hands are all itchy over to start undervolting. Great! You feel that simply by undervolting, you will be able to save enough juice to last longer and increase your smartphone performance. You right to the nail but again, there are things you need to know about undervolting. Here are the two types of undervolters (undervolters: people or user who undervolts :p )

  • Safe or undervolt (some call this simple undervolt
  • Extreme undervolt
Undervolting can boost battery life and increase performance
1. Safe undervolt
This is an undervolt process where one actually reduce a minimal amount of voltage just to make sure the phone is always stable. You are able to increase performance if you select the right CPU governor according to your choice and even save more battery life in your Android.

2. Extreme undervolt
Extreme undervolt is what I liked most. This is a process where voltage are set to the lowest possible to further increase your battery life but at the same time, ensuring that the phone processes or performance is not affected what so ever. This is risky as phone can easily be unstable and could easily goes into SOD (Sleep Of Death).

Now you know generally on undervolting. These are what you need to get yourself in order to start undervolting immediately (choose either one):

Voltage Control
SetCPU for Root Users

Step by step guide in safe undervolting
  1. Install the above Android applications of your choice.
  2. Run the application.
  3. Now you will see the voltage and speed as low as 100 mhz to 1600 mhz (by default, you will have 200 mhz to 1200 mhz)
  4. On every speed there has a voltage control at the side or bottom which you adjust the level.
  5. For staters, reduce -25 voltage for all categories.
  6. Save and reboot.
  7. Open back the application after all the systems are running completely and the voltage will be adjusted to the one you had saved earlier.
Step by step guide in extreme undervolting
  1. Perform the same thing as what written for safe undervolting from step 1 to 5 (refer above).
  2. Now, this is where it comes tricky and time consuming. Reduce another -25 voltage for one category at one time and try use the phone as usual for the next 30 minutes to an hour.
  3. If there is no hang and SOD, you may continue -25 voltage for next category.
  4. Repeat this for all categories one by one.
  5. Let's say you had completed all the categories and the phone is still running great. You may repeat step 3 again to further reduce -25 voltage for every category again.
  6. You can stop once your phone hangs in the middle of usage and that means that the previous setting is the minimum requirement for the smartphone to be running at its best.

Troubleshooting during undervolting

1. Help! My Android just went blank and black screen. Nothing is working!
There is a high possibility of SOD. Hold the power button long and it will reboot itself.

2. The phone seems hotter than usual. Is this normal?
Most Android phones when being 'modified' will tend to be a little warmer than usual. Use it for a few days and it will slowly goes away. Take it as the phone need space to get used to it.

3. I can't undervolt as it requires root. How to fixed this?
You can undervolt only if your Android is rooted.

4. How much battery saving are we talking about when undervolting?
There is no fixed amount as it depends on your usage. I would say additional of 1-2 hours usage from my personal experience.

5. What is the best voltage value for Android?
Each Android is different as we have an ocean full of variety when comes to ROMs and kernels. Already remember that what's working for others, might not work for you. I would suggest going safe undervolting first before going deeper into extreme volting.

6. Will undervolting damage my lovely and previous Android?
Chances is yes. Modifying your Android is just like modifying your car or bike. Each and every action you do outside from what signed by Samsung might hurt you. However, if you are careful, follow instructions and understand completely about undervolting, then you are well protected.

I am not responsible for any damage done to your Android and this article serve as a guide. Please understand that this is a general guide and if you want to be safe, always start with safe undervolting before anything else. For more guides on Android undervolting, you should definitely check this article out: The Best Undervolting Settings For Android