Facing problem with battery life?

Nowadays, technology is getting ahead of us and of course, smartphones are becoming a necessity for all of us. I know many people (including myself) who uses their smartphones as an organizer, planner and even a gaming tool. Talking about multipurpose device! All these actions of ours actually drains the smartphones pretty fast and I bet there are very less smartphones that can last a full day with our heavy usage. I myself is no difference from others where I am always constantly finding ways to increase my iPhone 4S battery life and I am going to share them with you all today.

1. Adjusting brightness level
Let's face the fact. For example, Samsung is using their Super Amoled Plus screens actively and Apple been using their highly-anticipated Retina Display in nearly all their devices. Even though they are great towards the eyes, the battery is definitely being affected and you doesn't need a rocket science brain to tell you that the battery lifespan and duration will reduce fast.

Well, the easiest way to curb this is to adjust the brightness level. Of course, you do not need to set it to the lowest but you can easily adjust it to moderate or automatic. For me, my personal preference is setting it 30% brightness and I have no problem looking at the screen under the bright sunlight.

2. Turn off WiFi and BlueTooth when not in used
I know this is definitely some pain in the ass where you got to manually turn off the WiFi and BlueTooth connection every now and then. However, both of these really suck the battery life out of your smartphones. Regardless you are using an Android, iPhone or Windows phone, always make sure that you doesn't leave the WiFi and BlueTooth connection turned on all the time.

The idealogy of this is pretty simple. Imagine that whenever you leave your WiFi and BlueTooth connections on, both of them will constantly searching and scanning for the best connection for you. Indirectly, you are burning your battery down faster than normal. Turn them off and you will see a spike in your battery life.

The plan is simple. Maximize Power!

3. Use 3G and Edge at the right time
This is another great way to save your battery life. There is a difference when you are using 3G and Edge connection on your mobile. It is a fact that 3G will definitely uses more battery compared to Edge. If you are willing to use Edge connection, then you will be able to save a lot of battery life with the expense of a slower data connection on your smartphone. If you are always in a WiFi area, turning down your connection to Edge will definitely save you a huge chunk of your battery life without a doubt.

4. Increase battery life with a shorter timeout on your screen
Users are able to change the timeout duration on the smartphones and it is highly advisable. Let me tell you why this is a 'kill two birds with one stone' solution. Whenever you set a shorter delay in the screen timeout, you are basically reducing the screen time. The more screen time means the more battery it uses. Wait! Not to forget, whenever your screen is turned off, the scurity features are activated immediately and thus, securing your devices. Two advantages with one action?

5. Monitor on apps running on the background
Last but not least, leaving applications running in the background is a certainly no-no when it comes to battery life. Well, easier said than done right? This is pretty easy especially when we are used to it. Being said that, always remember (or at least try) to close the application completely instead of just pressing the home button. Pressing the home button will temporary minimize the application and leave it running in the background instead of exiting it. Of course, you could easily make sure that there is no application running simply by checking the task manager from time to time. You will be amazed by how much battery you can actually save up.

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