As you all know, I recently bought myself a black iPhone 4S and I cherish it like my little baby darling. Within 3 days, I got myself a Momax matte type screen protector and I felt pretty safe from there on. For the record, I am a very careful person and most smartphones in my hands are taken cared pretty well. One day, I send my car over for repair works and was (as usual) using my iPhone to the max. Suddenly, my heart stopped beating when I saw 3 hairline scratches on the screen. At that very moment, it just struck me so hard that is it worth getting a screen protector? I know this has been debated over the years and lucky for you, I am writing my personal review on screen protector for my lovely readers.

How important a screen protector is for you?

Matte or clear type screen protectors - choose your poison!
If you are planning to get a screen protector, the first question that a seller will pop up to you is do you want a matte or clear type of screen protectors. There is absolutely no difference between them both in terms of quality but what makes them very distinctive is the looks or outcome after installation. Matte type is great for those who hate to wipe off the finger prints and those oily stains on your screen. For the record, if you are touching your screen, there is absolutely no way to avoid the smooches. If you are going for the matte type, you can well kiss good bye to those clear and high resolutions displays (Retina Display for iPhone and Super Amoled Plus for Samsung for example). However, the positive side of matter type is of course, anti finger print ability.

Gorilla Glass - is it worth taking the chances?
I know this is one of the most common questions for most. Can I actually count on Gorilla Glass to protect my smartphone from scratches. Gorilla Glass is made to protect the phone from normal damages but always keep in mind that Gorilla Glass will ensure the phone is scratch resistance and not scratch proof. Scratches could happen over time and again, it boils down to your self preference if you want to risk it. If you are a safe handler, then you could be fine with this option.

Touch sensitivity issue with screen protectors - myth vs real
Some users complained that when they fix screen protector on their phones, they felt there is sensitivity loss. Users around the world might experience this regardless the quality of the screen protector in this case. Although it is very rare for the occurrence, it could happen and trust me on this as I experienced it myself. If you are using a matte type screen protector, there is a higher chance of this compared to a clear type. Also, the chance of this increases if you uses a cheap screen protector.

My verdict
For me, I would always head for the option to have a screen protector even though I know that I can take care of my phone very well. I am going to quote the words of the late Steve Jobs, "The phone is great by itself. You do not need anything else to make it greater". This is very true and thus, get yourself a screen protector if only you would like to increase and boost the 'safety features' of your phone. Other than that, it is just another accessory to make you sleep better at night.

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