By the time I write this, I am pretty sure most of you had already know what JunoWallet is all about. if you have not heard about it, you definitely come to the right topic. I am going to explain to you what JunoWallet is all about and how you can actually earn valuable credit just to buy free iTunes gift cards to be exchanged with buying paid applications. Without further delay, here is my honest review on the famous JunoWallet for both Android and iOS smartphones.

Is JunoWallet GiftCards for real?

1. I heard JunoWallet is a scam. Is that true?
This is very common. When a free app start giving out cash value coupons, people will start thinking if that application is a scam. I know this is very common and even myself, am very static about this JunoWallet.

2. How you can earn cash money in JunoWallet?
Every virtual cash you received is called JunoCredit. For calculation, one JunoCredit is equal to one cent (USD). You can earn JunoCredit easily simply by installing applications available, playing them and even being active in the application. There is also a referral program you can do in order for you to earn cash from time to time in JunoWallet. Here are a few method you can earn your credit with:
  • Rewards per W3i
  • Rewards per sponsor play
  • Rewards per fan
  • Rewards per install
  • Rewards per invite or referral

3. How to claim or exchange my JunoCredit to buy applications?
Firstly, you can change JunoCredit to either iTunes gift cards or credit to buy applications at the Android Play Store. Once you reach a certain payout, you can choose the rewards or exchange items in JunoWallet store. From there, you can easily claim your rewards and everything from there is pretty straight forward now.

How to I start? Where to sign up?

I know I got your head turning. Who doesn't want free credit or free cash to buy paid apps for your smartphones right? Another great thing about JunoWallet is that it is available for both iOS and Android based phones. So what are you waiting for? Join now simply by clicking here and follow this referral code 'RC677589' when prompt in order for you to get an additional credit right upon start up.

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