quit smoking fast

Do you believe that a heavy smoker can quit smoking for good? It may be hard to believe but trust me, it is doable.

If you are ready to quit smoking for good, this post is for you. Before you scroll down, I want you to be 101% determined to quit smoking … because if you don’t, this method (or any other smoking remedies will not work). Period.

I want you to want to stop smoking badly. Most of you are just ‘kinda’ want to quit smoking and majority of you want to quit smoking because you ‘think’ you want to! Folks, you have to want to quit smoking (for good) in order to quit smoking!

This is because I tried to quit smoking multiple times over the years. It took me 9 tries before I was able to quit smoking for good. Until today, it has been years since I touch a cigarette. Seriously.

I bet you want to know how I get that done. Carry on reading below … and if you find this article useful, please … PLEASE share it around with your friends and help them out!

quit smoking fast

Step 1: The right mindset to QUIT SMOKING

It all starts with your mind. Yes, the thing in your skull.

Do you know why I stress about “seriously wanting to quit smoking”? Because if you are not determined, you ain’t going to quit smoking.

stop smoking tip

And if you are looking for reasons to quit smoking, here are some you may find useful:

  • Secondary ‘smokers’ get twice (or more) smoking effects compared to smokers
  • Smoking leads to lung cancer (along with a dozen others)
  • Affects anxiety and irritability
  • May result in poorer visions
  • Smoking affects mood stimulation
  • Constricted blood vessels
  • Stained teeth
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Infertility
  • Problems with pregnancy
  • Problems with newborns

For more information, you can refer to the 27 effects of smoking (credits to Healthline).

So, are you motivated enough to quit smoking for good?


Step 2: The one quit smoking strategy that even a heavy smoker will fall for it

determination to quit smoking

No, I’m not kidding. Years back, I was smoking around 1.5 to 2 packs (20 cigarettes per pack) on a daily basis. I was in my late teenage life and I believe that I was unstoppable until one day … where I was required to use the stairs. It was just a mere 5 levels above me and it-was-difficult!

I was out of breath, panting and sweating way before reaching my destination. That was the moment where I realized that I need to quit smoking … or I would be in real trouble.

I tried quit-smoking gums, patches … the whole 9-yard. Nothing works and I was back to smoking again.

It was the end of the 8th try where I realized that “damn, these quit smoking tips aren’t working”. So I decided to go with my own technique.

This quick smoking technique doesn’t cost you a single cent, it only requires you to be determined.

The step is simple. Reduce by half a stick once every week.

And before you even think that I’m joking, continue reading the next part. Yes, I dare you!


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Step 3: Can this quick smoking method really work?

Yes, it does and I’m a living proof myself!

Once every week, you need to reduce the cigarette intake by half a stick. So, if you are smoking say 100 sticks a week, you should be taking in 99.5 stick the first week, 99 sticks in the second week, 98.5 sticks the following week and it continues.

The trick is simple. Reduce your cigarette intake by half a stick (or one stick if you are aggressive) once a week.

There are two important tips here:

  • You MUST NOT stop once you start using this quit smoking strategy
  • You may ought to reduce more than half a cigarette from time to time

The concept behind this quit smoking strategy is simple. You are reducing your cigarette smoking intake by a very minimal quantity and in most cases, our minds aren’t that attentive.

This makes quit smoking much easier and the reduction of cigarette smoking is much lesser.

And if you are wondering how the cigarette looks like when the flame is put out, here’s an image of it:

quit smoking fast

Alright, you get the point.

You don’t have to throw that cigarette and you can even keep it for the next day (or for the next round you smoke). While it may be fine for some people, the only downside is that heavy smokers will notice the ‘half-burned’ cigarette has lost its distinct taste due to the previous airflow.


Step 4: Keep a close watch (on yourself)

This is a crucial part when it comes to quit smoking. Do you think that 9 months is a long time?

Yes, it is and in order to quit smoking faster, you can convince yourself (and your mind) by giving a form of reward upon completing a specific task.

And not just any tasks. It has to be reducing the amount of cigarette smoked instead of just a reduction of half a stick every week.

Sure, you can opt to do this from time to time as it may be stressful for heavy smokers. Just bear in mind that each time you reduce the amount of cigarette smoked in a week, you are one step closer in quit smoking.


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Do you still need help in quit smoking?

If you followed the steps above to quit smoking (and determine at the same time), I am sure you’ll be able to achieve your ultimate goal. In this case, it is to reduce and stop smoking for good.

However, I know that you may need or looking for even more help in stop smoking. The below are some of the Amazon best sellers if you ever need some help in that sense:

Have you stopped smoking? If you have any extra tips to stop smoking fast, feel free to comment below!

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