Buying an original or imitation smartphone product is one of the most common questions that will come to every one's mind regardless of race and nationality. What is the difference between using original and imitation products? Is it worth the money to buy the high cost original product? I know there are tons of questions you can think of but before we proceed, I would like to emphasize that I do not encourage buying imitation products. Without much wait, here goes my review and opinion on the topic.

Have you ever experience a moment where you could not decide which?

Price matters most
I am going to be very frank here. Buying original products can cost you a huge hole in your wallet. Depending on brands, original products might cost you hundreds. Compared to imitation products on the other hand, imitation ones are definitely cheaper in price and at times, it could also cost as low as 1/5 of the current price.

Quality at stake
Original products are basically clear cut in this part. Imitation or fake products usually don’t last long when compared with the original products. Of course, some users are willing to sacrifice imitation ones as they are cheaper but thanks to technology nowadays, I personally experience some (not all) imitation products that ranked very well in terms of quality.

Safety and comfort
You can be rest assured that whenever you purchase an original product, they usually comes with warranty and in some cases depending on products, comfort as well. Generally, original products have better cutting edge and design while imitation ones are usually not up to standard in looks. However, most features are noticeable only when you place them side by side to compare.

Can’t decide when buying a new smartphone products?
For me, I would always advise one to buy original products. Of course, yes we are all human and at times, we just can’t bear the feeling of buying a cheaper product. Well, it really comes down to our own preference. Again, I would like to emphasize that if you are affordable, always buy original products to be on the safe side. I know some imitation products that are sold at rock bottom price but again, when comes to technology matters, always make sure that you are buying the right one to avoid any unwanted issues in the future.

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