If you would ask any blogger or webmaster, they would tell you traffic is the heart of any blog or website. As easy as it seems, getting a stable traffic to the site is harder and usually it would take some effort to achieve it. For starters, let us go with the basic which is what traffic is in order for you to have a full understand of it. Only when you understand what traffic is, you will then be able to increase your traffic to blog effectively.

Are you doing enough to get enough traffic to your blog?
What traffic is consist of?
Traffic is basically the numbers of visitors coming over to your blog or website. That is just a very simple beginning. To understand further, traffic is divided into many categories which are mainly organic, direct, referral and feeds. The below are the description of each for your clear understanding:

1. Organic traffic
This is one traffic you really want to have. Traffic here are created by search enquiry such as from Google and Yahoo. These are high quality traffic as they are not coming from backlinks but mainly from search itself. If you are having a huge number of this, then you are going to rank very well by search engines around the world. Visitors from organic traffic are also known as unique visitors.

2. Direct traffic
Direct traffic is opposite from organic traffic in some ways. Direct traffic is logged when someone type your website directly instead of using search engines. This usually comes from our friends and even loyal readers who bookmarked your website. Value of this traffic is basically at stake as search engines might consider that the traffic you gained could come from unreliable source.

3. Referral traffic
Referral traffic could be one of the easiest method for you to gain traffic. This can be achieved simply by providing links from forums and other websites. In another words, your website is being 'referred' by a medium such as forum or website and you gain your traffic here when others click on the link given. Value of this traffic is alike direct traffic; moderately important.

4. Traffic from feeds
Well, this is pretty straight forward. All traffics coming from here are generated by your RSS feeds. Most of the time, traffic gained here are mostly on mobile views. Therefore, if you have not started a mobile view on your website, you definitely should do that right now! Personally, there is no specific value for traffic coming from RSS feeds but I really love it especially when I have many followers following my feeds. Always remember that some audience is better than none.

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