What is the real meaning of backlink?
You heard about backlink and you have no idea what backlink is all about. Backlink is a process where it links one article to another. It is definitely easy to explain in words but doing it takes time. Backlink doesn't happen overnight but it takes time to build up. It would take months before you are able to see the first sight of backlink on your articles. However, we just got to start from somewhere and there is no easy backlink process if that is what you have in mind right now. There is no fast method when it comes to backlink but certainly, it can be done both the easy and hard way. This will be my another part series of backlink guides which you can learn step by step on how you can backlink effectively. Of course, we are going to start with the basic and let's go!

What is backlink?
As I said above, backlink is a very complicated process which focused highly on increase traffic and readership. The basic thing about backlinking is it works simply by linking one article to another. What backlink does through article linking is great as it brings many advantages to bloggers and writers like us. A few advantages that backlink can offer are an increase of traffic, improving readers and visitors site experience and boosting your advertisement revenue to name a few.

Why backlink is important? Can I live without it?
You might think you can promote your articles all the time and that, can easily replace the backlink process. Oh yes, you are right there but think again. How long do you want to continue promoting your articles and do you want to have a helper in this matter? Promoting only brings you to a certain level and once you hit that level, you should let backlink take charge from there and further boost your traffic.

Okay! Enough of intro. Which article should I backlink now?
Hold on tiger! Here's the logic part. Everyone has their own famous and 'not-too-famous' articles. What you need to do is to perform say two or three backlinks on your high traffic blog and simply by doing so, you are already creating a platform for your readers to visit those lower traffic articles. Do you see the scenario here? I would personally like to call this as effective traffic distribution.

When can we stop backlinking?
There is no such thing as stopping the backlink process. In another word, backlink is a continuous process for all writers and bloggers around the world if you would like to boost your traffic! The more we backlink, the more traffic we will gain and not to forget, those juicy unique and returning visitors to our sites.

What are the most famous methods of backlinking nowadays?
Well, I am going to be very honest here. There is absolutely no best backlink method as there are thousands and more to be discovered by all of us. However, I have been doing backlinking close to 6 years now and I found a few methods which are very effective when it comes to backlinking. They are:
  1. Using social media platforms
  2. Links exchange
  3. Manual backlink process
Being said that, I am pretty sure you have some idea on how backlink works and how you can benefits from it. Yes, yes, yes! I know you are dying to know more about backlink and rest assured, part 2 of this backlink guide is coming soon. If you are thinking what else you can do now, continue reading the below!

Meantime while waiting, here is something about me:
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