My first payout from HubPages was $ 55.04
Before I start, I hope you had gone through the first two topic I wrote, The Best Writing Site For Online Writers and How To Earn Money At HubPages as this article here served as the continuation of the earning methods at HubPages. Allow me to go through a fast summary of the series. HubPages is an online site which allows members to post articles online and there is absolutely no limit for this. Profit sharing are divided 60-40 where 60% goes to members and the balance to HubPages. Of course, there are more ways to earn money at HubPages than you can ever imagine. So, if you have not signed up for HubPages, you should definitely do it right now simply by clicking here: Let's join HubPages for free now!

I have explained to you how you can actually earn money easily using HubPages Earnings Program, Google Adsense integration and also through the HubPages contest. In this article, I am going to further explain to you how you going to earn money online as a active referral at HubPages.

The 'invisible' referral program
Why I call it invisible? It is because so many people do not actually know how it works! Often, hubbers and members complain saying that they do not get any revenue from the referral program. Yes, even I complained in the past as I have totally no idea how it works. After some digging, I found out there are three ways you can earn money using HubPages referral program.

1. Assuming someone signs up using your referral tracker or referral link, you will get a 10% of their page views of their hubs for live. Yes, a 10% for life for crying out loud and before you jump into conclusion, no, we doesn't steal their page views. In fact, HubPages Inc. is kind enough (and generous) to share 10% on top of the total page views achieved by our referral with us. 

2. Another way of HubPages referral program works is not only you can refer a new member, you can even refer other hubbers' hubs and get a nice cut of share for yourself. How you earn is ranged either 9% or a whooping 12% depending if the person you are trying to refer to had been previously been referred by other members. Again, HubPages is throwing you a bonus here without affecting others page views or earning.

3. The last way is of course the direct earning part. Every time you refer a reader to others hubs or even getting a new member, your Adsense ID will be displayed on all their posted articles 10% of the time for live. You might consider 10% being low but it is always better than nothing. If you are able to earn 5 referrals a day, imagine how much you can earn from time to time. As of today, the count of my referral tracker I am having:
  • 27,040 traffics to other hubs
  • 250 sign ups
  • 243 new hubs created

Being said that, I didn't do much 'promotion' on my referral to be honest. However, I try to embedded codes whenever I am sharing an article. A simple explanation for the above is out of 250 sign ups I did with my referral code, 243 hubs are created. Being said that, 10% of the ads shown on those 243 hubs are actually showing my ad ID. Talking about a crazy boost of earning here.

I know you enjoyed reading this and is definitely craving for more. Click on this link here to continue your reading! 4 Effective Ways To Boost Your HubPages Earnings.