Earning money at Hubpages is easy
We have completed the basic ways on how you can earn money using the usual ways at HubPages from referral program to Adsense. In this article, you are going to be exposed with how you can further boost your HubPages earning (part 4). Again, let me stress that there is no way to boost your earnings sky rocket high immediately. Every steps you do now will be a stepping stone for you and I can assure you that if you follow every step completely, you will be able to see your earning increases from time to time.

Focus on your target market
For example, if I am writing on the topic 'how to earn money online' or 'work from home guide', then I would need to know who is my main readers. Of course, in this case it would be fairly well to say for those wishing to work from home or even taking online job as a side income. Once this is done, we need to make sure that the way we are going to deliver the message will be clear to those reading it. Point is, if you know your target market, then you are already on the right track.

Search engine optimization
Search engine optimization is also known as SEO and how important SEO is to us writers? Well, for starters, SEO is definitely over rated. Many writers assume that with good SEO, they are able to achieve high traffic etc. Because of this, a chain reaction happens where writers and web masters opt to subscribe services from SEO companies. SEO can be build over time and you can do it yourself! Oh yes! Forget about spending money on these SEO companies that gives you empty promises.

Be a drama player if you want to boost your traffic
Traffic is important as without traffic, you can basically kiss good bye for your ads earning. It is the same regardless where you are. It works the same at HubPages. If you are there, you will realize that from time to time, 'hot topics' will change and if you are smart enough, follow such topics and you will be seeing some potential traffic building up. You might be wondering what a drama player could actually do with traffic. The answer is easy. Imagine the current hot news could be 'will there be war between US and North Korea' or 'earthquake in Indonesia'. If you could write them fast and publish them within a short period of the incident, you might well received a boost in traffic. Consider this as playing the right cards at the right time.

Back to basics
Regardless of what you have learned from reading my writings (and many others more), always remember to go back to basics. For me, basics are easily said as type of writing, grammatical errors, wrong information and even breaking HubPages terms and conditions. If you want to avoid being penalize, never ever attempt to go against those. Basics are there for a reason and thus, we should obey them.

I truly hope this article explains to you on how you can boost your HubPages earnings and if you are thinking that it all ends here, you are DEAD WRONG! I am going to continue on more tips and tricks on how you can earn money using HubPages soon! So, what should you do now?
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