Being an online writer is tough. You face daily challenges from competitors to monetization matters and I am sure not many actually succeed in it. Honestly, I have seen many good writers throw in the towel even before they earn the first payout. I was fortune enough to stumble upon one site which pays very well to writers around the world. Well, what you need is just one thing in general; Great writings! Before I start, I would like to tell you that most bloggers and online writers might think that I am crazy to share my writing tips online. Well, I am an online writer and close to a full time blogger and I know how hard it is when it comes to writing online. You have basically everything to think of and no one is going to help you. I am not only going to share with you my tips in this article but I will update this blog from time to time for more tips. So, follow me either by email, RSS or even save it as favorite on your browser!

I have been writing close to 6 years now and along the way, I stumbled upon a site called HubPages. Little did I know about this and I was basically in and out of this site for some good years. Sadly, if I stayed on long enough, I would easily be earning tons of money right now! How this all comes around is I recently received my first payout from HubPages itself and that was really shocking. I was mesmerized and spend some time with the site. I realized that I could earn more money than just writing!

To start up, all you have to do is to click here to register for your free, life time membership at HubPages. Assuming you are done with that, I am going to explain to you how you can earn money online as soon as you join. There are a few ways to earn money at HubPages which are:

  1. Linking Google Adsense ID to your HubPages account.
  2. Referring members to the site.
  3. Participate in monthly contest hosted by HubPages.
  4. Promote and become a successful affiliate writer.
  5. Participate with HubPages affiliate programs such as eBay and Amazon
  6. Joining HubPages Earning Program
In order for you to start on the right foot at HubPages, what you need are:

  1. Lots of confidence
  2. Deep passion for writing online
  3. Willing to work hard for hours daily just to create quality articles
  4. Not to give up in writing online
  5. Constant drive to achieve what others can't

If you have the above traits, then I am proud to say that you are ready to earn money online! Even better you will be able to earn money the easy way from HubPages immediately after you post your article online. Now, if you are done, let's head on to the next guide on Ways You Can Earn Money From HubPages.

Me: I am an avid blogger and close to a full time online writer. I been writing for many years and The Big Fat Reality is one of my upcoming blogs. I am also sharing all my tips and guides on blogging in this blog and you can check out my latest technology writing The Naked Truth On Why Facebook Bought Over Instagram.