Nowadays in this technological era, we are basically spoilt with hundreds of different types of smartphones and in most cases, we are left wondering which smartphone is best suits us. For example, we are already in the era of the three kings which are Apple, Android and Windows smartphones products. I see many people tend to ask for advise and help on various forums around the world hoping to find the true answer. I dare to tell you that what others did are totally wrong and in this article, I am going to explain to you on how you can actually choose the right smartphone that suits you without any help from others with just 4 simple steps.

How to choose a smartphone that suits me?

1. Feels and looks
Whenever I see someone posting and asking for assistance with the matter, I usually tell them to ask themselves back on what is the shape and feel of the smartphone that they like. Most of the time, human just need someone to convince them that their plans are correct. Same case here. Avoid asking others opinion or guidance. Instead, try to focus on what you actually want especially for the look. You are going to see it for some time!

2. Smartphone features
Different smartphone platforms offer different features. Again, you got to ask yourself what you actually want. One tip which I can offer is when comparing two smartphones with different platforms, avoid comparing the features. The main reason is there is no two phones that comes with the same feature! If you know what you are looking for in a smartphone, then you should, by now know which smartphone you actually want now!

3. User-friendliness factor
When choosing for a smartphone, one of the biggest and most important feature for me is user-friendliness. I love smartphones which are high-tech but at the same time, user friendly. This boils down to personal preference and depending on individuals. If you are able to determine if you are a 'stick to original' or an 'adventurous and customization' person, choosing for the right smartphone that suits you should be pretty straight forward from there on.

4. Touch and feel the real product
Last but not least, always go to the shop and play with the smartphone. Take your time to interact with it and feel it. If you are doubting yourself, then that might not be a good choice for you. Don't be afraid to visit several shops just to further explore the smartphones. Simply by touching and feeling the real product, you will be able to decide even easier. Trust me on that!

Choosing and buying a smartphone is a pretty easy task for me. If you want to find which is the best smartphone that suits you, always remember to follow the 4 tips above and you will be a very happy person. Always remember that you are spending the money for yourself and not for others. You might not like what others like and vice versa.

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