Increase Android battery with undervolting
This article is a complete addition to the previous one I wrote, Guide To Undervolt Android Safely. I decided to further write another article on Android undervolting as right after I posted the article, I received quite a few number of messages and requests from my fellow readers asking for more detailed explanation on the matter. I have personally promised one of the readers and yes, here I am fulfilling my promise. Also, this will be another part series for undervolting Android as undervolting takes more than just knowledge to have successful and stable Android smartphone.

Well being of your Android - how safe undervolt it?
For starters, undervolting will void your warranty and you might turn your expensive device into nothing else but  a worthless piece of plastic material. Well, if this already ring the alarm in your brain, then you should stop reading now and change topic (refer to the left or right of this page for more articles). assuming you are still standing on your ground and has not pee in your pants, undervolt is always dangerous to a certain extend. For me, undervolting is a process where it can be safe (yes very safe) if you know what you doing. During the process of undervolting, you might encounter:
  • Heat increase on your Android (phone gets warmer)
  • Phone cannot be turned on which we call Sleep Of Death (SOD in short)
  • Battery burns really fast
  • Lack of response from the smartphone during normal day to day operations
  • Screen hangs when you are in the middle of something
Being say this, my personal advise is do this when you are either free, on weekends and you can even do it at work if you know how to balance it out right...if you get what I mean.

Advantages of undervolting Android
Thank God for Android where we can easily modify and customize our lovely Android devices to the way we want. Being said this, undervolting is one of the biggest attraction for Android! Simply by undervolting an Android you will or might experience:
  • A longer battery life
  • More responsive smartphone
  • Less heat produced by the phone 
  • Super-charge your Android to go further than what it can do (overclocking Android)

What is needed to start an undervolting process?
I am pretty sure most of you know what it is needed but I will explain again just for the record. You need one or more app that can undervolt your Android and a rooted phone. There is always two ways to start undervolting which are:
  1. Uses a sample to start with (samples are taken from others undervolt setting)
  2. Start from scratch (the longest way but most stable)

Important notes when it comes to undervolting Android
As a proud Android modder, I have my days with undervolting and thus I believe there are some things you should know before you start undervolting. These are vital as a simple overlooked on this matter and you might be facing some major issues.

  • Different settings are needed for different kernels and roms
  • Setting that works for one, might not work for others
  • Patience is needed for undervolting Android

Being said this, you have reach the ending of Part 1 of The Complete Android Undervolting Guide. Wait a minute?! Part 1? Yes you are right! This is only part one and to proceed to Part 2, here it is - The Best Undervolting Settings For AndroidAlso, do use the share button to share with all your friends and love ones as well :)

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