The long wait is finally over. Now, it is the launch of Worldwide Developers Conference or WWDC in short and we are all waiting what Apple Inc has for us. Many assume they will be revealing the latest products that will be in stores for the next 12 months. iOS 6 is being highlighted as the most important and anticipated release of the year for many developers and users alike. Here, I am going to give you a quick guide on what iOS 6 will offer and how you can get your hands on one of them as soon as possible!

What are the new features on iOS 6?

1. Siri gets revamp in iOS 6
Oh yes you hear it right. Do you remember those times where you wish Siri could actually open and navigate through all your apps? With iOS 6.1, Siri can not only launch apps automatically but also at the same time, make reservations for you using OpenTable and it can even provide you scores of your favourite sports team. If you think that is not good enough, how about Siri getting a few language boost and also available for the iPads version?

2. Facebook integration with iOS 6
We know how well iOS works with Twitter and now the time is for Facebook. In fact, it would seriously a stupid action to leave out Facebook, the multi-billion dollar social networking company. It does everything you need it to do and the best part is that it will automatically sync birthdays and events of your Facebook contacts directly into your calender. 

3. Do Not Disturb mode
We all have our moments where we do not want to be disturbed and it could happen either in a meeting or even when we are sleeping. The latest iOS 6 will allow users to enable a Do Not Disturb mode which will kill all notifications instantly. Well, you will still be getting those emails, messages etc but certainly, you will not hear a beep from them.

4. FaceTime works through cellular data
I knew this will happen sooner or later. Currently FaceTime only works through WiFi. With iOS 6, you can 'FaceTime' over cellular data and this brings competition straight up to the face for most instant messengers such as Skype.

5. Sharing photos via iCloud
We all know cloud sharing is very famous nowadays and that is exactly what Apple Inc is doing! One of the core features of iOS 6 is the ability for users to actually use iCloud to share photos with selected group of friends with just a few clicks. Not enough? How about the ability to comment on those shared photos as well?

6. New mail features
Okay, I know our 'Mail' service on iOS 5 is lame and it has always been! What makes iOS 6 such a debut is that there are new mail features which works like charm. There are emails and user groups you can set to ensure that priority emails are shown first followed by the rest. Imagine, Priority Emails by Google. Now, you get the point!

7. Passbook
I always consider Passbook as Blackberry's password keeper. With iOS 6 Passbook, you can easily store informations of your credit cards, bank details and even loyalty vouchers easily without hassle. In another words, consider passbook as the new Apple's Online Wallet.

8. The all new Apple Map
This is huge and I mean HUGE! The all new Apple Map is said to be better than Google 3D Map which was recently released. From the demo provided, we are definitely giving a thumb up on the level of details and accuracy. It is also said that Apple is building its own traffic service that offers anonymous, crowd-sourced and real-time incident reports.

What do you think? For me, iOS 6 is definitely a very important step when it comes mobile technology and to step up the competitions with Android and Windows platform. I always got my hands on the latest iOS 6 leaked version and am currently uploading it. Once the upload is done, I will share with you the link! Meantime, reply to this and tell me what you think of the iOS 6!