I was pretty busy lately with my new job and with my new website which causes me many sleepless nights. I still remember on Monday, I checked my Nuffnang's earning and there wasn't any increase. That was pretty harsh on me as even though I had very less update recently, I received quite a spike in traffic recently. It could probably be the backlinks I done previous months.

Anyway, it is crazy 12.30am right now as I am heading to be for my day two at new work place (something I am very fond of) in like 7 hours time, I decided to open my Nuffnang account and checked if I receive any BE (Buffered Earnings or Metered Earnings). There was already something hitting my head hard at the back saying "Nah, maybe you ain't getting anything thanks to your BUSY and NEW website".

I didn't wait for the website to open but just continue normal browsing on additional tabs on Google Chrome. Suddenly, I saw something 'not so familiar' and I was took a double looked at it. I was WTF?!

Okay, that was shocking. I didn't expect that honestly. I was too busy with my new dot com (duh I am so proud of it) and this totally caught me by surprised. Of course, the BE was for Big Fat Reality and I wish was for both this blogspot and even BloggersDeck.com.

Oh well, I can't be greedy right? Okay, I am heading off to bed and I would like to thank you Nuffnang for everything especially this. Is a great present for me and there is not a better time it could come! I need it so much right now :)

Oh ya, if you have the time, do have a look at my new website and give me ideas, would ya? Here you go: Bloggers Deck - Tips To Help You Earn Money Online.