Say good bye to the old school note taking method
Welcome to the Big Fat Reality blog and today, I am going to talk all about the best note taking application for iPhone and Android based platforms. As we all know, there could probably be tenth of thousands of such organizer apps for choosing. Nowadays, such organizers are very important as our smartphones are our companion. Our brain could not possibly remember everything but with these note taking apps, it is now possible. I would personally say that note taking apps on smartphones have taken many steps for improvement such as online saving and accessing your notes anywhere regardless is on your mobile or laptops. Without much delay, here are the two of the best note taking or organizers for your smartphones today.

Wunderlist (rating 4.5)
Newcomer Wunderlists hits the top 5 chart
I would personally give the number one spot to Wunderlist. For me, this application stands out more than other and what attracts me is the user-friendly UI and easy retrieval of important notes. Imagine you are in a tight spot and would need to access your notes within the next 5 seconds (say standing in front of the ATM with a long queue behind you). Wunderlist is the app you would definitely wish you could open to retrieve your important data. Easy navigations, easy UI and quick responses makes this app ranked extremely well when it comes to organizer and note talking application.

My verdict:
Availability: Android, iPhone and Windows platforms
User-friendly: 4.5 out of a possible 5
Speed of retrieving saved notes: Extreme fast
Cons: Layout is too simple and doesn't look that professional

Evernote (rating 4)
You might be wondering what is so wrong with Evernote that the new Wunderlist actually beats it to its knee. There a few minor matters that Evernote couldn't do compared to others. For a start, I been suing Evernote close to two years now and trust me, all my important data is still in Evernote. However, I realized that while Evernote is great, it left out those minor UI features which makes retrieving of data slightly slower. Nonetheless, what Evernote can offer is stability and a great mobily when it comes to note taking on your mobile phones.The displays are shown rather direct and you could easily access your data online without an issue.

How good is Evernote for you?
My verdict:
Availability: Android, iPhone and Windows platforms
User-friendly: 4 out of a possible 5
Speed of retrieving saved notes: Fast
Cons: Retrieving data in a location which has low connectivity could be an issue as the app would take a longer time to open the note. This happens as the app is set to auto sync with the server data right after you click the open button.

After reading both, which will be your choice? Trust me that when it comes to choosing, there is absolutely no right or wrong for this matter. I would say it all comes down to self preference but when it comes to choosing, I always use Evernote for my important notes while Wunderlist will always be the one I used to keep my to-do task. So how about you? Comment below and share with us all!

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