The 7 most popular methods of backlinking

If you have just completed reading Everything About Backlink 101, then you are definitely ready for the part two which is what are the effective methods when it comes to backlink. I could stress more that there could tenth of thousands of backlink methods that you can choose from. However, what I am going to share with you today are the ones that are not only working well for me but also giving me the best return of traffic. Also, to give you an idea, see the above picture on the seven most popular methods of backlinking.

Use social media to boost traffic
Social media for effective backlinking
With millions of people logging into social media daily, you already have your potential visitors there. If you are able to share links with valuable information, you are going to have a good boost of traffic without much effort. However, using social media is risky as if you are promoting too much, people might consider you as spam instead. Be wary of every move especially with social media backlinking and you should be just fine. What I can advise you is to time your social media backlinking at the right time and always plan ahead when you are using Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Share links of your other articles on every article you publish
This is the most common backlink method for most writers and even for me. Every article you write and publish, always leave a small 'space' at the bottom of the article and share another of your link. To make you understand further, the main purpose of this backlink method is to ensure that you maintain as many visitors as possible to your site even after they had finish reading the current article. You don't need rocket science to know that the longer a visitor is on your website, the higher the chance of the visitor to click the ads.

Commenting on other blogs with the same genre
Backlinking is just alike promotion and being well known. This is one form of indirect link exchange where you leave a comment on every (if you are hardworking) website you have visited. Of course, always remember to leave a constructive comment before leaving your website link. Over doing this and you could easily be labelled as spam and having a bad name for your website.

Submitting your website address to directories around the world
This is one tedious and a long short method when it comes to backlinking. You can search for those free directories available on the internet and submit your address according to the right categories. Free directories are great but it usually takes weeks or months to get listed there. However, since this is free, why not right? Of course, you can also get yourself listed down on Google and Yahoo directories but they are mostly on paid basis only.

Create link exchange between bloggers and webmasters
This is one of the most important and effective methods of getting traffic but is extremely tedious. According to Darren Rowse (owner of, he did say that if we would want to be successful in blogging business, we should be very interactive and be active in the blogging society of the same genre. Here, you should start being active in blogging sites and forums and start creating a name with it. From time to time, always ask for some link exchange and after a period of time, your site will definitely stand out by Google crawlers as you are getting valuable backlinks from other active sites.

Does timing affects traffic?
Publish your article at the right time
This is an indirect method of boosting backlinks. Have you noticed that your blog or website usually gets more traffic certain time in a day or week? If you are able to time precisely the moment to publish an article, you might be able to boost your traffic effectively. Whenever there are readership around to read your post (and assuming you are already putting backlinks on all your articles), you are already creating a possible platform for backlinking to happen. For every 10 readers you have, there could be a possibility of 1 to 3 readers who will click on your links. Do you see the cycle of backlink and traffic building from this method?

Therefore, I hope you enjoyed this version of the 6 different but effective methods of backlinking to boost traffic to your site. More writing on backlinking and traffic building will come along the way shortly and I hope you subscribe to my newsletter, RSS or by email as you will get updated as soon as articles are published daily.

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