Is NeoBux really a scam?
For those who earn money online, NeoBux is no longer a new name to most of us. NeoBux is a very pioneer Pay Per Click (PPC) site which has been operating long enough to create a very famous legacy. However, every now and then, we often hear others commenting that NeoBux is a scam etc. So, how worth it is NeoBux to us? Is it really worth our time to earn those pennies? In this article, I am going to give a complete review on what this is all about and I will leave it up to you to decide if you really want to join NeoBux.

How Neobux works?
How NeoBux works is pretty straight forward. You would need to clicks on a number of advertisements given randomly per day and each click will earn you about $ 0.001. Okay yes! It is $ 0.001 but hold on before you start cursing away. On an average, you will earn close to $ 0.05 per day if you clicks all the available advertisements provided by NeoBux. Also, for every advertisement clicks you perform, you will get three AdPrize which you can claim for additional advertisement viewing. These advertisement viewings doesn't give you any money but there is a chance you might win $ 0.50 per view if you are lucky.

What it seems, is not what you really get
Confused? Okay, I know you are tempted with this, hands down. However, think back again....carefully. How long does it takes you to reach the payout of $ 10.00? Gosh it is going to take you sometime isn't it? One thing about pay per click programs around the world is you got to be really patience if you want to earn money with it. You won't get rich when you use NeoBux but you will certainly be that richer (at least a little).

How does others earn money and get such fast cashout from NeoBux?
Just like any other earning programs, you can really earn some serious money if you have enough affiliate doing the job for you. There is only one rule when it comes to earning money from NeoBux and that is getting as many affiliates as possible. NeoBux has also 'packages' where you can purchase subcribe (under rental basis) to get more referrals and yes, what I do is to transfer my earnings to so call 'purchase' the referrals. This is a long short and would take roughly three to six months before you can see your NeoBux earning increasing rapidly.

Finally, is NeoBux a scam?
Last but not least, to answer this question, Neobux is NOT a scam for crying out loud. What you need to do right now is to sign up immediately for NeoBux if you have not and you can start earning money like I do. Here is my referral link Join NeoBux for free now and start earning money online. You will now get a pay-cut if you click my referral link above but you will certainly help another fellow blogger in earning a little bit more money monthly for survival. Alternatively, you can also click the banner below to join.

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