How to get buffered earnings or metered earning?
Nuffnang Buffered Earnings! Buffered Earnings! BE! BE! I know everyone is screaming of these, and yes including me. I was wondering what is so great about Buffered Earnings and how it works. After some serious searching and some time communicating with a very kind staff in Nuffnang, I truly understand how it works and what is the hype all about. I know you want to know more so in this article, I am going to explain in pin point detail (I hope) on:
  1. What are Buffered Earnings and Metered Earnings?
  2. How does 'Buffered Earnings' or also known as BE works?
  3. How to become a proud selected blogger for Nuffnang BE?

What is Buffered Earnings actually?
First of all, Buffered Earnings is just a saying. Forget about it! YES! Forget about least for now. The real name behind Buffered Earnings is CPM campaigns. CPM campaigns is best described as Cost Per Impression (CPI).

How does 'Buffered Earnings' works?
Since many of us describe CPM campaigns as Buffered Earnings or BE, I will stick to those two throughout this article for easy understanding. As I said above, bloggers will be honored a certain amount of advertisement revenue for every unique visitor impression on the advertisement space. This means that the advertisement DO NOT need to be clicked like any other normal ads for you to earn money with it. As long as you have a new or 'virgin' visitor to your site and the advertisement is shown, you will get your nice share of money for it. This is definitely easily than the old-fashion way of earning money with ad clickings.

How do I get selected for this prestigious Nuffnang CPM campaigns a.k.a. BE program?
I just love to keep the best for the last. Being selected to join the 'Buffered Earnings' could be one of the most prestigious award (besides Blogger of the Month) for all Nuffnang's members. The reason is pretty clear cut where if you get selected for any CPM campaigns, you are definitely ready to get some crazy revenue boost from your advertisements.

So, how do you get selected for any CPM campaigns? Pardon me as I should rephrase the sentence to, how do you get yourself and your blog ready for CPM campaigns whenever it comes available? I know you want to know more and head over to this article to learn more on The Three Easy Ways To Get Nuffnang Buffered Earnings!