I received a Google Buzz yesterday via email on Google Affiliate Ad for Blogger. This really hit me hard on the head. In the midst of busy setting up my blog and creating traffic, I had totally forgotten about the almighty Google Affiliate Network. Guilty as charged if you want to put it that way. I am not going to say this guide is a way to 'exploit' Google Adsense earning but certainly this will boost your revenue by some if you know how this whole process works. Without delaying any more, here are the three reasons why you should monetize your blog or website with Google Affiliate Ads.

Monetizing with Google Affiliate Ads for Blogger?

1. Choose the ads you want to display instead of automatic
Okay, the easiest way when it comes to Google Adsense is by setting automatic advertisement selection. Don't get me wrong but Google Adsense algorithm is good. However, if you know what type of readers they are coming from or any specific information that Google wouldn't know, that will be an upper hand advantage for you. Because you know what type of readers they are, you are able to select and pin point the different types of advertisements to show to them.

2. Place the right ads at the right place...your style
This is where Google Affiliate Ad plays a huge advantage. Have you ever noticed that not all Google Ads can be modified? Thankfully, with Google Affiliate Ads you are able to place any types of ads required at the space you wished for. Forget about those tied down rules or automatic selection of ad types.

3. Google Affiliate Ads pays slightly more than Google Adsense...generally
This is important! Google Affiliate Ads actually pays more than Google Adsense (on how you see it). Here are a few things and example you will see when you are looking for potential advertisers when it comes to pay wise.

7-days earning per click (EPC)
The sum of fees paid to you, divided by the total number of clicks over the past seven days. Values are multiplied by 100 for display.

3-month earnings per click (EPC)
The sum of fees paid to publishers, divided by the total number of clicks over the past three months. Values are multiplied by 100 for display.

Earnings per click (EPC)
Total amount paid to all of an advertiser's publishers, divided by the total clicks over the same period. (Values are multiplied by 100 for display purposes). With the EPC metric, you can measure the efficiency of an advertiser's programme and the potential revenue that an advertiser may generate for you.

Okay, let's assume you did your calculation and generally, Google Adsense will earn you more bucks. So, you are asking me why am I saying the opposite? This is because, you know your readers best! How often do you get a click with Adsense through automatic ads type? I did a quick test and I changed my ads to Google Affiliate Ads. In one night, I got close to 10 clicks compared to Adsense, 1-2 clicks. Now, do you get what I am trying to tell you here?

This is a clear example of quantity vs quality. Adsense may earn you more money per click ratio but if you are getting more clicks with less paying Google Affliate Ads, you are generally topping your click revenue more than Google Adsense can provide.

What are you waiting for?
If you have not even Google for Google Affiliate Ads, you should do so right now! Nonetheless, this is another Google program that helps all bloggers around the world to earn more money. Especially for those serious bloggers and webmasters, always remember that Google Affiliate Ads can easily monetize your blog or site without much work. Reply to this topic and share with me what's your experience with the all new Google Affiliate Ads program.

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