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Most of the time, blogger and webmasters around the world are complaining that they do not earn enough money through advertisement slots placed on either their blog or website. There is one little fact on this which is having too many advertisements isn't a good idea but what is most important is knowing which advertisements pays you the best compared to others and make sure you limit the number of advertisements. Sometime, the term more is better doesn't really work and suit in certain industry and you might be facing more problems instead.

Maximize blog earning with the right advertisements
One of the most important part to boost your blog earning is to ensure you are using the right advertisement. Nowadays, we have so many choices such as Google Adsense, Bidvertisers, Clicksors, Nuffnangs and many more. Of course, Google Adsense is the god of all advertisements so if you have an active account there, make sure you use it. Here, you can mix and match a little by placing additional one more advertisement by other company (and refer to the terms and conditions prior before placing) just to boost a little bit more earning. Choosing the right one could be hard but always do a 'background' check on the company to ensure that ads shown are good and correct. You wouldn't want to show ads that are low quality honestly. Always remember that low quality ads is equal to zero clicks.

Choosing the right ad placement is vital
For me, ad placement is important and if you are placing ads at the right place, then you are doing a good job. For example, you wouldn't want to place a vertical ad in the middle of your post as it will look horrible. Readers might even label you as having bad judgement skills of all we know. Sometimes, unspoken rules are mean to be followed especially when it comes to ads placement. I always suggest these to my readers and followers:

  • Skyscraper ads - Top most or between posts
  • Vertical ads - Place them at side bars
  • Big square or rectangle ads - Best to be between posts

Which is the best ads that gets the most clicks?
I did a test myself and let me tell you something. Ads that get the most clicks are the one with image or flash. Text ads do get clicks but not as much. This could probably because human eyes are easily attracted with moving 'parts' in the ads instead of just texts. Here you have to remember that not every advertisers will place image or flash ads on all ad ad sizes. Most ads with image or flash usually goes well with bigger ad sizes. Therefore, always use the right ad size to maximize your earning. Allow me to emphasize that it is NOT ADVISABLE to place all image ads as this will make your site too 'flashy' if you know what I mean.

Using in-text advertising tools to boost your earnings
In-text advertising is becoming one of the most upcoming ad method lately. Many people actually do not understand how this works. Imagine you publish a full article and several words in the article will be used as 'keywords'. A simple hover of the mouse to those words will open up an advertisement and a click on it, will give you revenue. Well, the revenue might be small as a click could cost from $ 0.01 to $ 0.50 each. if you want to maximize your earning, this is one way you must definitely use!

These are the 4 steps you can perform to ensure you maximize your blog earnings effectively. If you want to see what I really mean, look around on my blog or even on this page itself. Do you see all those placing of ads I have used? Yes, that is how you start monetizing your blog effectively. I know you want more and the next step is How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog.