I have wrote about the top 20 productivity tools for entrepreneurs and the response was enormous. Over 350 shares across various platforms in just a few days since the post went live. And it struck me.

I am always looking for productivity apps to use on a daily basis; on my smartphones, computers, tablets etc. So, why don’t I create a massive list of productivity apps for all forms of devices?

So yes! That’s what you will get in this post.

A MASSIVE list of top 25 productivity apps that will take you from an average Joe to a superhero with just a few clicks.

And to make this post sweeter and more useful for you, I will be dividing it into several parts which are:

  • Top productivity apps for entrepreneurs
  • Productivity apps for Mac
  • Productivity apps for  Windows
  • Productivity apps for iPhone, Android and smartphones

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Ready, set, go!

top productivity apps for entrepreneurs

Top productivity apps for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are always looking for the best productivity apps and I bet you do too. There are tons of productivity apps you can download or use but I have did the hard work for you. Here are the best of the best productivity apps that entrepreneurs can use.

free productivity apps



Love it or hate it, Evernote is the top productivity app for everyone. Note-taking, image capturing etc, Evernote makes it extremely easy to take productivity to the next level.

Free accounts (which you can register here) comes with semi-offline reading and premium accounts allow you to keep more files and browse them even when you are offline.



Wunderlist is another great productivity app for many. It is extremely easy to use (some regard this as a better feature than Evernote) and the user interface is very powerful as well.

Do you think Wunderlist is better than Evernote? Leave a comment and tell me what you think!



My go-to tools for spell-checking and plagiarisms. With just a few clicks of the button, you can turn badly worded article into a professional, proof-read one. It also integrates perfectly well with Microsoft Office and major browsers.


Google Docs

To be honest, I can’t imagine my life without Google Docs. Writing drafts for Success Ground, preparing quotations for clients etc — It is 100% possible using Google Docs.

With the zero fee price tag, there’s absolutely nothing bad to good things to shout about.



As an entrepreneur cum consultant, I work with clients around the world and the only way for me to keep myself (and them) organized is by using file sharing. That’s where DropBox comes into play. With DropBox, I am able to sync files across devices and share links to respective clients for their reading / references.

The best part — DropBox is free and you can access it anywhere on Earth, as long as you have an Internet connection. DropBox offers free-for-life account and there are also paid accounts if you would require additional storage space.

Signup for Dropbox today and get additional 500 mb space in your account!



The main reason for Any.do to be on the top of the list is because it has the trigger level on a daily basis called Any.do moment. Imagine waking up to notification from Any.do and giving you a list of to-do’s for the day. Pretty much like a personal assistant, right?

And it is 100% free to download from respective app stores and there is also premium plans that starts at $2.99 per month for more firepower.


Google Drive

Want easy integration with your documents while you are on the go? Introducing, Google Drive! Store important information such as notes, files and images all under one roof and the built-in scanning feature allows you to capture images, extract the text on the images and store them for future search functions. Pretty cool huh?

Google Drive works all major devices and the free account allows storage up to 15GB.


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Productivity apps for Mac

There are many interesting apps on Mac and there is absolutely no shortage of those. These tools will be best for better productivity, communication and media management.

productivity apps for mac


Alfred is an award-winning productivity application for Mac OS X. And what it does is awesome. Alfred makes it super easy for you to search for files online by having rich features such as hotkeys, keywords and file actions. What I really love about it is that Alfred allows me to create immensely powerful workflow which skyrocket my productivity level to the whole new level especially when I am working on new and lovely Apple MacBook Pro.


Notational Velocity

NV in short, it makes note-taking super easy — minus the fluff and bloat features which you don’t really need. It also sync perfectly well with DropBox and while it is not my main not-taking app (second to Evernote), I still consider this a powerful add-on for Mac users.



Plex is something unique for me (and for many). For most people, it is a home media center but Plex offers more than that. It is also an awesome (very smart way by the way) to access all your videos from virtually anywhere on Earth.

All you need is to setup the Plex Server on your computer and you can stream videos at anywhere instantly. Pretty cool right?

Plex is free to install on most Mac devices but you would need to pay $5 to be able to stream from mobile.



If you have difficulties understanding how Photoshop works, you’re going to love Pixelmator. This productivity app is best for entrepreneur like me who doesn’t need those fancy bells and whistles that Photoshop are offering. It comes packing with features more people needs for editing images on Mac, plus it is highly affordable at the price tag of $30.



Let’s face it. OS X Mavericks has tons of built-in support for notifications but hey, it isn’t close to perfect.

Why? There are still apps that still doesn’t show up in the notification center. And when that happens, you don’t get notified of the latest updates which will indirectly, affect your productivity level.



If email marketing is important for you, you must have come across Airmail. It supports Gmail and iCloud addresses, full IMAP/POP support and of course, support for Exchange accounts too. To be honest, I have no issue with either Gmail or stock apps but Airmail literally improves email productivity multiple folds.


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Productivity apps for Windows

For those Windows lovers, don’t worry — I have not forgotten about you guys. Windows has many programs you can use but some are seriously essential for entrepreneurs.

productivity apps for windows


By far, Launchy is one of my top favorite productivity apps for Windows. It doesn’t only launches programs at lighting speed, it also allows you to open documents and folder, perform complex calculation, kill processes to speed up your computer and searching the web for information.



God send and time saver for those who have productivity in mind. PhraseExpress saves you hours of typing by organizing frequently used text snippets, auto-complete phrases and correct spelling mistakes.



When Google Docs isn’t sufficient enough to fit your needs, introducing LibreOffice — a cross-platform, feature-packed and 100% free office suite. It works perfectly well out of the box and no extra add-ons needed to sweeten the deal.


Microsoft Office

Tell me if you do not use Microsoft Office for work and leisure. To make it real short, Microsoft Office is undoubtedly the best word processor, spreadsheet tool and presentation tool you can find for Windows. Period!


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Productivity apps for iPhone / Apple users

Take a look around. Noticed the number of people using smartphones? Yes, you can still be productive while on the move, thanks to smartphones. Here’s a list of productivity apps for iPhone and Apple users.

best productivity apps for iphone

Awesome Note

If you are looking for a cool tool to integrate note-taking and to-do list for better organization, Awesome Note is your best friend here. On iTunes, it is nominated as the “Best All-In-One Organizer App Ever”. It gives you a great overview of your schedule, photo journal, to-do lists and many more.

And this app is cheap! $3.99 on iTunes.


Dragon Dictation

Don’t let the name scare you but trust me, the features are extremely versatile. If you are looking for apps for jotting down notes, drafting emails, posting to social media accounts and other light tasks, Dragon Dictation might be the only app you need. It also excels in general, easy to moderate dictation from voice.



The Clear app changed the lives of over 2.5 million people — so, what so great about it?

For the record, Clear is one of the best productivity apps I ever used. Extremely easy and highly versatile, you can’t go wrong with it. Creating and completing tasks with just a few swipe on the screen and you are all set to go.

Trust me, there is nothing easier than this!


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Productivity apps for Android users

Android dominates a huge chunk in the market sphere and it makes absolutely no sense if I do not include productivity apps for Android users (I may even get killed for it). So here goes!

productivity apps for android

OfficeSuite 8 Pro

OfficeSuite Pro is by far, the best, fully featured office suite available for Android users only. It costs more than other apps in the market, staging at a staggering $15 price tag but don’t let the price turn off your productivity level.

This app is jam-packed with more than just the basics desktop-like functionality of Microsoft Office. Plus, it also offers native PDF markup commands and even easy integration with major cloud storage services.



Have you ever wished to sync your files across devices and in the cloud for future usage? With FolderSync, you can do that! Basically, it is a ‘gateway’ that sync’s your documents to major cloud storage services like Dropbox.



This productivity app allows you to ‘control’ your Android device directly from your computer. You can send and read texts, view files and a zillion other things with AirDroid app. It is extremely versatile as it works perfectly with WiFi and mobile data connections.



Android isn’t losing out in terms of productivity apps and Tasks is one example. It helps to manage multiple to-do lists while organizing your due dates and reminders in a very elegant way. Tasks also has a minimalist look that fit perfectly well into most Android screens. It also has widget functions to further maximize your productivity level.



Keeping track of your budget could be a huge hassle. Especially when you are starting up, focusing on expenditure could turn anyone into a mad man. Expensify allows you to scan receipts and it will then pull the image and turn them into record. I use Expensify to track my budget-conscious spending on marketing.

It is free to use but there are also premium options that offer more flexibility and additional features.


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What is your top 10 productivity apps that you cannot live without?

Tell me what you think by leaving a comment below.

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