Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. In this post, the one thing that CopyBlogger is doing for its content marketing strategy and how you can leverage (and prepare) for it.

CopyBlogger has been providing content marketing strategies and solutions for years now. They are that good that they are often called the influencers when it comes to content marketing strategy, planning and implementations.

I am not going to lie to you. I studied their content marketing strategies, followed every blog post published by them and even put them to work on my own blogs. And yes, these content marketing strategies work.

This year (2015) is different — well, you may or may not expected for changes but brands and companies around the world are changing. The usual content marketing strategies will no longer work in the coming months or years. If you are not taking the first step to change your content marketing strategy, you are going to lose out; in terms of traffic, revenue, sales and customers.

Being a loyal follower of CopyBlogger for some good years, I realized that they are changing their marketing strategy. Allow me to discuss what they did previously and how that is changing right now.

PS: If “steal” is a hard word to use, I would be more than happy to replace it with “leverage”. Tell me about it in the comments!

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content marketing strategy


The old CopyBlogger’s content marketing strategy (or strategies)

CopyBlogger started in the content marketing niche by providing value and content to its readers. And these are not your usual content marketing strategies.

Content marketing strategies by CopyBlogger are easy to digest (and utilize on your own blog), well written by the best teams in content writing and most importantly, proven results.

And to build authority from the current niche, they launched several products as such as Teaching Sells and Authority which were very successful.

You see, the whole content marketing strategy for CopyBlogger was to provide massive value to the public; both free and paid versions. Logically speaking, if this strategy is continued for a long period, they are going to build influence in the content marketing industry.

value in content marketing

In terms of the success of this strategy, CopyBlogger was able to become an influencer in the content marketing industry after a period of time. So yes, this strategy works but … it wasn’t sufficient for what we have coming now.

Bigger brands are using more than just content marketing to gain attention. People are going for unconventional marketing strategies that will have potential to reach out to more customers and audience around the world.

Why? Because there are just too much competition nowadays.


The new CopyBlogger’s content marketing strategy

It all started out with the launch of The Rainmaker Platform, dubbed as the complete marketing and website solution for businesses. We all know that CopyBlogger is having a great time with the powerful and professional website templates at StudioPress.

What are they really up to now?

The answer is simple. Traditional marketing strategies aren’t that effective as what they used to be sometime back.

If CopyBlogger would want to have an upper hand in the marketing world, they have to do something (and fast). Brands such as Sephora, Burberry and Samsung are dominating Vine while Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures and Nintendo are leveraging on the power of YouTube.

So how about CopyBlogger? Should they be investing time and effort into:

  • Creating videos and upload them on YouTube/Vimeo?
  • Building short videos and try dominate Vine which is currently dominated by bigger brands?

The answer is “no”. They took the road less taken.


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The risky and bold content marketing strategy by CopyBlogger

Allow me to take you back to The Rainmaker Platform. A few key features that it offers more than its competitors are:

  • All in one hosting plan (superior uptime and super fast web hosting services)
  • Ready made website templates that are professional designed by the world’s best web developers
  • Inbuilt content creation tools
  • Traffic tools that helps you attract more targeted audience
  • Custom-made conversion tools to turn traffic into money
  • Integration with advanced analytics
  • Exclusive membership in Authority (content marketing strategy and training)

In short, CopyBlogger created The Rainmaker Platform as a complete sales and marketing platform. CLICK HERE for a 14-days free trial with no obligation and risk.

And you might be wondering, why is CopyBlogger doing this? They have been dominating the WordPress theme space with StudioPress, managed WordPress hosting with Synthesis and SEO analytics tool with Scribe Content. Are they just that greedy?

They do this because of the market needs right now.

Businesses are no longer looking for a quick way out when it comes to hosting, website theme or SEO. People including me are looking for a complete solution for everything related to marketing, sales, funnels and membership ability.

Hold on!

“This has nothing (or little) effect on content marketing strategy by CopyBlogger, right?”

Now, allow me to explain this further.

Have you heard that CopyBlogger team are now highly involved in podcasting? I bet you heard about it especially when you are in their email list.

Here are a list of CopyBlogger’s podcasts on iTunes:


Podcasting – The new content marketing strategy for CopyBlogger

The guys behind CopyBlogger had talked about this one too many times.

Michael Wolf on Entrepreneur had talked about posting back in 2014 and everyone is predicting it to grow in the coming years. CopyBlogger, too, had made some drastic changes and getting serious with podcasting. Still not convinced?

Washington Post had published an article about podcasting and it is said that the number of podcast subscription had reached 1 billion in 2013-2014.

Trust me, it is a no-brainer that podcasting is the next big thing when it comes to content marketing strategy. But of course, it doesn’t mean that the conventional marketing doesn’t work.

Writing a blog post, creating videos and native advertising still play a huge role in your success. Podcasting (on the other hand) is a great way to further boost the chances, visibility and growth of your business.


How CopyBlogger takes podcasting to the next level?

To be honest, I have not seen any other companies or brands doing this but CopyBlogger (as usual) has a great content marketing strategy in place. Take a look below:

podcast as a form of content marketing strategy

Brian Clark isn’t the only one doing podcast but the whole team is. Everyone has their own distinct voice, topics and specific audience. The results?


Rainmaker.FM serves as a master feed for all the podcasts published by the team members. Seeing this in a different perspective, the company and staffs are leveraging the power of both sides; solo podcasts which get a lot of attention will be able to promote the Rainmaker.FM while Rainmaker.FM would be able to promote podcasts which are lesser popular.

And yes, this means that CopyBlogger team is able to leverage the power of connectivity and influence. A real smart move to be honest!

Seriously, do you need more explanation than these? Yup, go figure!


Challenges you will face in podcasting

Podcast isn’t easy to pull off. Ask the CopyBlogger team for example. Finding the right ideas and topics for podcasting is a huge challenge.

And you sorted out the ideas, the next step is to creating professional podcasts which will “wow” your audience. For starters, podcasts are usually created in a ‘raw’ form which have not been processed. They will then be send over to the editor to edit and transform a standard podcast into a professional one.

advantages using podcast for marketing

Not only that podcast requires attention grabbing factors. For example, there is no visual to keep your listeners entertained. The only thing you got is your voice and passion.

In most cases, passion will die off if you are not devoted enough (my first podcast series went dead right after the 3rd publications due to lack of passion) and there are equipments you would need to have in order to create professional podcast series.

And if you are planning to start a podcast as your new content marketing startegy, here’s how.


How to start a podcast?

There are two parts you need to consider when starting a podcast. They are:

  1. Topics
  2. Equipments

In topics, you need to select topic(s) which are you are extremely passionate about. Avoid going into topics which you have limited knowledge or have less passion. In every podcasters, you would require or go through the ‘grinding’ period.

The grinding period is usually the first 8 to 10 weeks after starting a podcast. When you start podcasting, you will have fire in your eyes and it is your responsibility to maintain the flame while building an audience around it. Trust me, it is challenging but possible.

Since there is no visual in podcasting, avoid those jargons and try to make the whole podcast series as fun as possible. Attention grabbing in podcasting is extremely important … to say the least.

increase brand visibility

The last part would be equipments for podcasting. If you are an absolute beginner, you only require a mic and audio editor / recorder. For mics, I recommend USB microphone from Audio-Technica which you can get from Amazon around $59. Extremely easy to use and it outperforms many of its competitors of higher pricing. Once you are serious enough with podcasting, getting a better mic such as Heil PR-40 Microphone is a must for superior voice quality. As for voice recording, you can use Audacity for Windows and GarageBand for Mac.

My personal favorite for audio recording is Adobe Audition CC which costs around $10 per month. Pretty good pricing for advanced features (super useful for advanced to professional podcasters).

The last equipment for podcasting would be podcast hosting. There are many podcast hosting companies such as Libsyn, Podbean and Blubrry which provides services starts from as low as $5 per month. Of course, the Rainmaker Platform allows you to host your own podcast alongside with several cool features that includes building your own media library (membership access if you want to). This means that you don’t even have to fork out the extra dollars from your pocket especially when you are on a tight marketing budget.


Content marketing strategy you can steal — right now

CopyBlogger or the Rainmaker, whichever you call it is an awesome resource when it comes to content marketing. Personally, content marketing is changing and the usual, native advertising and content writing isn’t going to be enough to get more traffic, find more customers and make more money.

So, are you going to source for new content marketing strategy such as podcasting? Leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

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