Attending college isn’t really the cheapest thing on Earth. It costs around $23,000 a year just to be in college and for many, it is really expensive. That’s probably the reason why people say “education is expensive” and the search term, ‘entrepreneurship ideas for college students’ is one of those popular words searched on Google.

As a college student, entrepreneurship ideas are limited since they are still studying and time is always a huge challenge for them.

Not every entrepreneurship ideas for college students require employees or complex operations in order to generate income. As a matter of fact, there are many entrepreneurship ideas that they can start up immediately, on a shoestring budget and still make decent money while studying.

The entrepreneurship ideas in this blog are proven ways to generate income for yourself so that you can pay your way through college. They are also great to ‘tickle’ your entrepreneurship mindset for something much better. In this post, you will find the top 15 entrepreneurship ideas for college students.

entrepreneurship ideas for college students

1. Photography

Photography has long been an excellent entrepreneur idea for many (especially college students). You would need a decent camera which you can purchase below $300 and some Photoshop skills. The advantages doing photography is the ability to perform freelance photo taking over the weekend or during semester breaks.

College students can even opt to sell those photos taken which can fetch from a couple of dollars to few hundreds.

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2. Teaching or tutoring

mentoring as an entrepreneurship idea for students

Do you know that teaching or tutoring is a great entrepreneurship idea for college students? It requires zero startup cost and all you need is allocating some time on a daily basis. At the moment, there are huge demands for specific topics like mathematics and sciences which you can leverage it to earn some extra money.


3. Hand craft goods are great entrepreneurship ideas for college students

Some people are gifted especially in arts and crafts. If you have the passion for it, you can easily make them in batches and sell them on sites like Etsy and eBay. These hand craft goods usually have excellent demands if they are unique (and cheap).


4. Buy and sell goods

buying and selling entrepreneurship ideas

Do you know that college students can earn money through online marketplace like eBay and Amazon? The concept is pretty simple. Buy things which has some demand and sell them off at a (slightly) higher rates. You need is some time, playing the guessing game and you can easily make easy money through it to fund your college life.


5. Web designing

Web designing industry is blooming and if it is a great source of entrepreneurship. There are many freelancers who perform specifically web designing and each project can range anywhere between $300 to few thousands dollars depending on your expertise.

Don’t worry if you don’t have web designing knowledge. Tools like Thrive Theme Builder and Dynamik Website Builder will do the job for you (all you need is to click, click and click).


6. Walking the dog

walking the dog job

Dog lovers are going to love this. As a college student, you may not have much time daily with all those homeworks and revisions. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t entrepreneurship ideas which you can leverage from!

Provide services such as walking the dog in the evening (for your neighbors) and you can easily earn a couple of bucks per dog. Trust me, there isn’t any easier job than this!


7. Fiverr

Want to earn a quick $5 gig? With Fiverr, you could!

You can provide really quick services such as song writing, ideas generation and voice recording for $5 or more per gig. If you are planning to make more money from Fiverr, make sure you offer additional packages or addons at higher prices.

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8. Udemy

sell courses on Udemy to earn money

Physically tutoring and teaching may not be your cup of tea but how about online ones? Udemy is a popular online learning portal where you can upload courses. You can set your own price and next, sit down and watch the money grow (through it isn’t that easy). Udemy courses range from as low as free to a few thousand dollars.


9. Creating a blog

Blogging is a great way to earn passive income. Plus, blogs that have high traffic (or visitors) could easily monetize using advertisement banners and affiliate sales. College students can start a blog under $4 a month thanks to BlueHost. With the one click installation and superior uptime in web hosting, you know that you are in good hands.


10. Virtual assistant services

entrepreneurship ideas with virtual assistant services

Being a virtual assistant (VA in short) is a great entrepreneurship idea for college students. Sites such as Freelancer allows college students to become virtual assistants and paid by the hour. Plus, there is zero startup fees needed which makes earning money much easier as well.


11. Proof reading

Are you good in picking up mistakes in essays? If yes, proof reading is probably one of the best entrepreneurship ideas for college students. On average, it takes around 20 minutes to proof read an article of 2,000 words. And trust me, that’s easy money!

If you are planning to make proof reading even easier, use Grammarly as the first, automated proof reading tool before you have a final check (and save more time).


12. Copywriting services

copywriting services for college students

I did some copywriting jobs when I was in school. It is extremely easy especially when you have the passion for writing and a little creativity back in your head. Currently, there are two forms of paid copywriting services; paid by number of words or by project basis.

On average, college students can easily earn around $10 – $50 per 1,500 words article. Pretty awesome right?


13. Mow the lawn

Let’s face it, mow the lawn isn’t the most glamorous job in the world but it does help you earn some money while you are in college. The biggest challenge is to get your mowing services out of public but with a little word of mouth marketing from happy customers, you might soon find yourself overwhelmed with work!


14. Domain flipping

freelance domain flipping services

Domain flipping is the action where you buy domain and sell them off at a higher price. There are several ways to go around this strategy:

  • Buying new domains, maintain it and sell at higher price
  • Buying used or expired domains, maintain it and sell at higher price
  • Buying unique domain names and sell for larger sum

Domain flipping isn’t the most popular entrepreneurship ideas for college students but trust me, this is probably one of the most lucrative ones after blogging.

Don’t worry if you have no idea about domain flipping. Watch this video and it may just make you more money than you can ever imagine!


15. Social media marketing

Take a look around you right now and you will probably see at least 4 out of 5 millennial are using their smartphones. Let’s face it; that generation is the best in social media. If you love social media, can’t live without it or constantly uploading statuses to Facebook, publishing new tweets and posting Instagram photos, you are in luck!

Social media marketing is a powerful part-time job that can help you generate some income on the side. Head over to those companies in your town and ask them if they would need assistance with social. In most cases, they do as they have no idea how to really leverage social media for their business.

Chances of being hired as a part-time social media consultant is high because companies do not need to spend thousands hiring a professional. Instead, they could just pay you a couple of bucks to handle with social accounts on a daily basis.


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Want more entrepreneurship ideas?

I really hope you enjoyed these 15 tops entrepreneurship ideas for college students. If you are serious enough to become an entrepreneur, grab a free spot for 20-days startup to success course where I’ll share powerful information on entrepreneurship.

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