If you are having an Android smartphone, you should (if you have not) be very addicted to flashing the latest roms and kernels. Okay, for those who are relatively new to Android, this lovely platform is one of the best for you to learn how to modify your devices. Unlike the almighty Apple iPhone, most Android devices are has their bootloader unlocked which you can easily customize the phone.

A rom is like an OS for Android. Different roms can be created according to performance, battery saving etc. A kernel on the other hand can be considered the muscle to get things done. Of course, these are merely example for your easy understanding!

Requirement to install custom roms and kernels on Android:

  • Download your selected rom or kernel
  • USB cable (optional)
  • Odin (optional)
  • Rooted phone (having Clockwork Recovery a.k.a. CWM)
Important notes:
  • Always backup prior to any customization
  • I am not responsible for any damages done to you or your device if you choose to customize the phone

Method 1: Installing using Odin
  1. Download the rom or kernel of your choice.
  2. Make sure you have extracted the .tar file and place on your desktop (or any location easy for you to find).
  3. Backup your device.
  4. Wipe data, wipe cache and clear dalvik using CWM (optional).
  5. Off the phone and boot into Download mode. You can go into Download mode simply by pressing power, volume down and home button at the same time for a few seconds until a screen appears (looks like MS-dos).
  6. Select Continue by pressing volume up.
  7. Once it shows 'Downloading...', you can fire up Odin and plug in the USB cable.
  8. Now, wait for Odin detects your device it will show 'Com:.....' in yellow which means connection done.
  9. Click on PDA and select the .tar file you earlier extracted. 
  10. Now, press Start and wait for it to complete. 
  11. Once done, it will auto reboot for you.

Method 2: Installing using Clockwork Recovery a.k.a. CWM
  1. Download the rom or kernel of your choice.
  2. Copy the files into your sd drive in your phone (either internal or external works equally well).
  3. Backup your phone.
  4. You can go into CWM mode by pressing power, volume up and home button at the same time when the phone is turned off.
  5. Wipe data, clear cache and wipe dalvik before flashing (optional).
  6. Select Install from SD card and head over to the file you have saved earlier.
  7. Select Yes to install and wait for completion.
  8. Once done, reboot and you are all done!

Both of these methods are very easy to follow and if you are taking more than 5 minutes to complete either one of them, then you would need more practice! Nonetheless, I truly hope this article will be able to guide you in terms of installing or flashing new roms on your Android.