As we all know, Dropbox has just enabled the new security feature which is 2-steps verification for even safer usage. I would say this all comes from the recent force hack on an iCloud account of a famous blogger cum writer. Furthermore, some accounts have been compromised due to unwanted app hacking etc.

No idea what the hell Dropbox is? This is what Wikipedia says about Dropbox:

Dropbox is a file hosting service operated by Dropbox, Inc. that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, and client software. In brief, Dropbox allows users to create a special folder on each of their computers, which Dropbox then synchronises so that it appears to be the same folder (with the same contents) regardless of the computer it is viewed on. Files placed in this folder are also accessible through a web site and mobile phone applications.

When I heard about this, I was trilled as I was drying to get it done. Guess what?! It took me close to 2 hours to figure it out (on how it works). Well, I don't want anyone of you to have the same luck as mine and thus, here is how you going to get it done...the easy way of course.

Dropbox 2 factors authentication
Things you need to enable the Dropbox 2-steps verification:
  • A verified and registered Dropbox account
  • Smartphone with Google Authenticator app installed
  • Some patience :)
Once you have all those prepared, you are now absolutely ready for some easy authentications using smartphone app:
  1. On your smartphone, run the Google Authenticator app and leave it on.
  2. From your laptop or computer, head to Dropbox > Your login name > Settings > Security > Enable 2-steps authentications.
  3. If you are not able to see the option to turn on the 2-steps authentications, then you need to type this on your browser: Dropbox Two Factor
  4. Let's assume you have completed all, then you are ready to click on the option 'Use a smartphone app'.
  5. The barcode will be displayed and all you have to do is to go back to your Google Authenticator on your smartphone and select Scan Barcode.
  6. A special 6 digits code will be visible and all you need to do is to type it in the box provided by Dropbox.
  7. Walaa! You have successfully enabled the 2-steps authentications on Dropbox.
Now, what happens you don't have a super high-tech phone? Is there another way to get this enabled? Of course there is and this is how you can do it:
  1. From your laptop or computer, head to Dropbox > Your login name > Settings > Security > Enable 2-steps authentications.
  2. Select the first option which is authenticate using a short message system (SMS).
  3. Ensure that you get the country code and number right and hit Send.
  4. You will received a SMS on your phone with the 6 digits code in it.
  5. Key it in the box provided by Dropbox and you are now able to enable the 2-steps authentications on Dropbox for further security.
What do you think of this new security features provided by Dropbox? Are you happy with it? Tell me what you think with the comment box below! Last but not least, do have a quick look at the Amazon Store below for the latest and hottest deals for you!