Every one they could ditch the usual 'nine to five office job' and just escape the traffic jam right after working hours. Many assume the blogging business is very easy and anyone can be successful with. I am going to tell you that you are dead wrong! I know many online writers and a huge majority of them actually give up in less than three months. As easy as it seems, blogging is not a business for the soft souls.

There are many myths or beliefs that makes blogging business so famous. In fact, it is always harder than what it seems and I am going to tell you why in this article. For those who plan to start writing soon, you have definitely come to the right place for the best blogging guides available. Now, before I start, go grab a cup (or mug in my case) of coffee and let's roll!

My layout and preparation for blogging - one mug of coffee, tablet, laptop and iPhone (not visible)

Always consider blogging as a real life business
Blogging is no other than another business you run. If you consider blogging as a simple and part-time job, then you might just do well in blogging industry but certainly not earning money through it. If you want to earn money with blogging, then get serious with it. Do you realized that only serious bloggers make the cut and those big monthly paychecks?

Blog because you like it..deep inside
If you blog just for the sake of blogging or because it is the most popular thing to do now, you are definitely going nowhere in blogging. To become a great blogger, always write something from your heart. You may write 101 articles but if none are coming from inside your heart, your article will just be 'just another article'. So ask yourself now, "Do you like blogging?"

Free hosting vs Self hosted domain
Okay, I am pretty sure the top two already hit you pretty hard. If you are already reading this without thinking, you are definitely ready for blogging. Now, let's go into something deeper in the blogging industry. Having a self hosted domain is great for identity purposes. All serious bloggers has a good self hosted domains honestly speaking. However, I also know a few famous bloggers who runs their blogs from free hosting domains because of cost. Well, if you want to have your own domain, then you got to make sure you can afford it at the first place! Hosting and monthly domain rental will cost you less than USD $10 a month but is it really worth it? The choice is in your hands!

Monthly maintenance for your site
Regardless you are writing on your blog or website, always maintain it. For example, I usually do a simple 'spring-cleaning' for comments, update keywords and even information on the articles. Without maintaining, your website might be filled with 'old information' and it might not look good on you. Let me emphasize here that maintenance on free hosting sites such as Blogger is easier than your own self-hosted domain.

Endless backlinking needed
The core of any blog or website is traffic and in order to increase traffic, you got to learn how to backlink. There are many ways you can backlink but you really got to put some serious effort in backlink. Linking one article to another is just a one-time job but for every article published, you got to perform backlink...or at least, try to backlink. 

Audience and targeted market
If you want to increase your traffic and gain enough traffic overtime, you got to know your audience and targeted market. Taking a very simple example, imagine you are selling candies and of course, you will be targeting younger generations while reducing or avoid selling to old folks. This is vital as 'selling' the product to the wrong market and you might just get zero sales.

Being said all the above, these are the six important things you should know about the infamous blogging business. So, what is your take on this? Are you still interested with blogging or I had just changed your mind? Let's discuss on this below and share your opinion with all of us.

About the writer: I am an avid blogger and close to a full time online writer. I been writing for many years and The Big Fat Reality is one of my upcoming blogs. I am also sharing all my tips and guides on blogging and feel free to check these compilation of  articles about Work From Home Guides.