I am going to be very honest with all of you here. You might be asking why I am willing to share all my tips and tricks here for the general viewing. Well, I myself am a blogger and I know how hard it is to start earning money online. Of course, the number one fact and issue we face is how to drive traffic to our blog. Across my years of writing, I realized there are actually many ways we can boost our traffic. In this article, I am going to explain to you how you can actually use Innit, the free service provided by Nuffnang to increase your traffic effectively.

Innit to boost website traffic?

Understanding how Innit works
I always love to consider Innit as Twitter. It works the same way as Twitter as well. What Innit can offer us is free article submission on a daily basis. There is no rules and regulation on how many articles you can submit a day but each URL provided can only be used once in a life time. Being said that, every moment and every usage of it must be timed in a very timely matter.

When you submit a post using Innit, all Innit and Nuffnang members will be able to 'Nang It' or 'Dang It'. Imagine, 'Nang It' is to put a positive remark on it and yes you guessed it right. 'Dang It' is to put a negative remark on it. The more 'Nang It' you get, the higher the post will hit the leaderboard. Over time, you do wish that your article hit the top 10 featured articles of the day. If you get yourself up there, you are going to be able to get some nice unique traffic without much work.

Advantage of Innit #1 - Raw traffic without doing anything
This is what I see Innit as. Innit is a 'software' or 'program' I could easily boost my traffic with...daily. Every time I submit my article for sharing, I ensure that those are the top ones that will be hot topic of the day. Of course (again), it is harder said than done.

Advantage of Innit #2 - The best and free backlink tool
Is this one of my over-used words? I could never get enough of backlink and I believe all bloggers and webmasters must focus on this. Once traffic is made (refer point #1), then you are going to get yourself a nice chance of backlinking. This is assuming you had provided at least one valuable link in your article...that's it.

Advantage of Innit #3 - The power of connections
Let's give a simple count. Do you know how many members are there for Nuffnang and Innit? I have no idea but I am assuming we are looking at 50,000 to 100,000 members logging in every day to both sites. Imagine you shared your articles online using Innit. I would say you are able to receive at least ONE visitor who is interested to read what you had written.

Taking myself for an example, I tried Innit for just one week due to 'experiment'. I got myself at an average of 10% traffic boost when I uses my Innit only once a day. So what's the trick behind increase traffic and Innit? I am going to leave it as it is for now and give some suspense. I am coming back with another topic on the trick of using Innit to boost blog traffic.

Meantime, here is something about me:
I am an avid blogger and close to a full time online writer. I been writing for many years and The Big Fat Reality is one of my upcoming blogs. I am also sharing all my tips and guides on blogging in this blog and if you want more blogging tips and tricks, you should definitely check this category out: The Best Collections Of Work From Home Guides.