In the wake of Google coming up with Google Drive and giant Dropbox giving out random free storage to members, MSN SkyDrive decides to give out 25GB memory space to all its loyal members. The terms of 'loyal members' is pretty general if you ask me but one thing is for sure, new members do not get free upgrade!

So what is actually those cloud share stuff?
As technology is advancing from time to time, we are also getting ahead with those old school methods. Being said that, cloud storage is really taking place among us and is even doing a much bigger role on daily works and file sharing. With these cloud share, we are able to share anything over the internet within seconds if not minutes and it works like charm (and very secure).

Cloud usage for both personal and business alike
This cloud saving methods started a few years back and at that time, not many uses it. I still remember being one of those few who tried DropBox and felt it wasn't that useful. However, as time passes by, I realized the power of such. This is proven as business around the world are even signing up for cloud services when it comes to storage. Like what I said above, imagine sharing a document or material within seconds and towards multiple recipients at the same time.

Unlimited storage
Another great feature of cloud storage is there is no limit on how much you can save on these programs. You can upload documents, folders, files and even notes for sharing or safe keeping. Most programs offers a specific memory space for free and you can (of course) buy more storage if you would need it in the future.

As you can see above, MSN SkyDrive's decision to provide free upgrades for its members proves the importance of these cloud services. So, are you already a member of these cloud services such as DropBox, Box, Google Drive or SkyDrive?

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