It really took me awhile to consider if I want to have my own dot com again. I remember clearly my first dot com was a disaster thanks to lack of time and having a website is crazy job. I keep thinking and finally, decided to start my second dot com for real. The site is called Bloggers Deck and is focused on provides tips when it comes to earn money online.

At first, I know I need to get my priority straight and I decided to start planning my sites. I planned nearly everything from layout until the type of categories available! It took me just two days and I basically did everything at full throttle. I was determined to make Bloggers Deck a success but I know it would take time and effort.

Right after the preparations, I decided to get my backlink ups and running. I was planning to sling-shot my website straight up from the start. pretty crazy idea but I know it will worked (experience from my first dot com). It was some tough work trying to 'media spam' the world with the new blog title etc.

On 25th April 2012, I decided to get the domain running and started the service. Didn't slept the whole night just to get it running. Within the day itself, the domain was up and every layout was ready. It was action time! I setup CloudFlare and a few additional plugins and now am just waiting for indexing by Google Bots.

Maybe the time was slightly wrong as right before I was able to manually request for Google indexing, Google indexing system went crashing down until now. Therefore, just hope that it will be up soon and for me to rush for my page rank. Yes, I am a page rank freak!

Last but not least, I was happy with the theme (except for the logo) and I am trying to find time to create a new logo for myself. If you want to see a peek of the site, here you go: Bloggers Deck - Useful Tips To Help you Earn Money Online.

Tell me what you think about it and share with me your hosting experience as well!